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“More Guns, Less Crime” Author John Lott on Gun Control

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“More Guns, Less Crime” author John Lott, in the short amount of time he has to speak, reveals some interesting facts on gun control, including:

  • On U.N. failing to reach agreement on U.N. Arms Trade Treaty – “There’s another Arms Control Treaty on the way, this hasn’t ended.”
  • “Registration on handguns since 1935, they can’t show any crimes that they’ve been able to solve as a result of that.”
  • On proposed assault weapons ban – “No ones found a beneficial effect. Basically they’re banning guns based upon cosmetic features on the outside. A hunting rifle functions the same way as these guns they classify as “assault weapons.”
  • “Every U.S. multiple victim public shooting since 1950 except one, has taken place where citizens are not allowed to carry firearms.”


German Dignitary Gives Nazi Salute to Olympic Team During 2012 Opening Ceremony

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A German dignitary was caught on camera giving what seemed like a Nazi salute to the Germany Olympic team during the 2012 Opening Ceremony.

Some may say he made the Olympic salute.

If so, why the shocked expressions and laughter from Boris Johnson and Camilla Parker-Bowles?

London Mayor Admits Olympic Torch Relay Started by Nazis

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This morning while being interviewed by Sky News ahead of the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, London Mayor Boris Johnson admitted the torch relay was started by Hitler at the 1936 Berlin Games, after the reporter questioned him on its origins.

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Aurora Theater Shooter James Holmes First Court Appearance (Raw Video)

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CENTENNIAL — The man accused of committing one of the worst mass murders in U.S. history sat quietly beside his defense attorney in court this morning, his hair dyed a reddish orange, his face changing from blank stare to wide-eyed and dazed.

James Eagan Holmes, 24, was advised by his attorneys not to speak during the proceeding.

He is being represented by Tamara Brady and Daniel King, members of the state public defender’s capital cases team, the group of attorneys who represent clients in death penalty cases.

A prosecutor told the Associated Press this morning that Holmes could face the death penalty. Formal charges are expected to be filed on Monday.

Eighteenth Judicial District Chief Judge William Sylvester entered a protection order, requiring Holmes not to have contact with victims or witnesses. He also sealed the records in the case.

Sylvester ordered Holmes held without bond.

The purpose of the hearing, known as an advisement, was to tell Holmes about the murder charges on which he is currently being held. A formal filing of charges by the district attorney’s office will come later. Prosecutors could add to or change his charges in between.

Advisement hearings are typically short — perhaps only a few minutes — and may not even require the suspect to speak. Nonetheless, the hearing will allow the public its first look at Holmes since the early Friday shootings that killed 12 and injured 58 and may provide new insight into how lawyers on both sides intend to approach his case.

*Video Banned on YouTube

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