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LeakSourceRadio: Abstract Rude – The Government/The Media

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U.N. Demands Access to Israeli Nuke Sites

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Israel is under pressure from the UN to open up to the world the nuclear arsenal it denies even exists. In an overwhelming vote, the General Assembly approved a resolution urging the country to allow inspections of its atomic facilities.


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World Overwhelmingly Votes to Ban Nuclear Weapons

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On General and Complete Disarmament — the U.S. and three others were swamped by the votes of 172 U.N. member states.

Iran Captures Another U.S. Spy Drone: ScanEagle

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Tehran has claimed it captured a US spy drone in the Persian Gulf after the unmanned aircraft entered Iranian airspace, Iran’s Press TV reported. The US Navy denied the claim, saying that none of its drones in the Gulf region were lost.

However, Iranian media even showed the video footage of the ScanEagle, claiming it was that very flying object Iran captured.


It is not the first time that US drones have been brought down in Iran. Tehran earlier reported about at least dozens of instances of American spy drones shut down since the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The drone may be an unarmed surveillance aircraft, but according to international law, violation of a sovereign state air space constitutes an act of war and can be referred to the UN Security Council,” Press TV earlier reported.

The drone was identified as a US-made ScanEagle that was allegedly gathering intelligence on Iran, which was detected after flying over the Persian Gulf for the past two days.

The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps Navy captured the drone after the aircraft violated Iranian airspace, naval chief Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said.

“Such drones are usually sent [on a] mission from large warships,” Fadavi told Fars news agency.

The ScanEagle is manufactured by Boeing, and is four feet long with a 10-foot (3-meter) wingspan.

The US has reportedly increased its number of spy drone missions into Iran over the past two months on concerns over Iran’s alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons, the Wall Street Journal said.

The US has stepped up its use of state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) capable of recording multiple media formats from thousands of feet in the air.

In a November 19 letter sent from Tehran and made available to the Journal, Iranian leaders appealed to the United Nations to complain about Washington’s drone spying.

Amid these concerns, a US drone was detected near the Iranian city of Bushehr, and was tailed by Iranian fighter jets who attempted to shoot down the aircraft.

And 11 months earlier, a spy drone operated by the US was intercepted mid-flight by Iran and grounded. Iranian engineers then allegedly dismantled and reverse-engineered the UAV.

Iran later said that the drone was top-secret and equipped with stealth technology, and that Tehran had begun building its own version.


The US originally denied they lost a drone over Iran before changing their story and insisting that they lost contact with the craft during a surveillance mission over neighboring Afghanistan.

New York Artist Imprisoned for Criticizing NYPD Drone Surveillance Program

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A street artist who hung satirical posters criticising police surveillance activities has been arrested after an NYPD investigation tracked him to his doorstep.


With the help of a small crew, the artist now identified as Essam Attia had placed the fake Big Brother-style adverts in locations throughout Manhattan, using a fake Van Wagner maintenance van and uniforms to avoid detection.

In a video interview with Animal New York prior to his arrest, a voice-scrambled and silhouetted Attia explained that he placed the provocative ads to “create a conversation” about disturbing trends in police surveillance, alluding to recent efforts by the Department of Homeland Security to “facilitate and accelerate the adoption” of unmanned aerial drones by local police departments. The posters also followed recent expansions in NYPD surveillance powers which allow officers to monitor citizens by creating fake identities on social networking sites.


The NYPD’s response seems to have proven Attia’s point: months after forensics teams and a “counter-terrorism” unit was spotted on the scene, the NYPD last Wednesday successfully tracked down and arrested the 29-year-old art school vandal, who identified himself in the video as a former “geo-spatial analyst” serving US military operations in Iraq.

It’s not the first time the NYPD has overreacted to unsanctioned public art. Earlier this year, the department arrested 50-year-old Takeshi Miyakawa after he illuminated the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn with harmless LED lanterns made from plastic “I Heart NY” shopping bags. The crackdown in Attia’s case, however, seems to have more to do with the public embarrassment faced by the department as a result of the mock ads.

Attia now faces 56 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument and grand larceny possession of stolen property for his spree last September, with an additional charge of weapons possession after officers allegedly found an unloaded .22 caliber revolver under his bed during the raid. As for the drones themselves, the NYPD has still not revealed any plans to use aerial robotic enforcers. But if the expanding list of FAA authorizations and documented use of drones by local police in Texas and Miami, Florida are any indication, it may be only a matter of time.

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