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OpWCIT: Russia, China & Others Withdraw Internet Regulation Push after Proposal is Leaked Online

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New proposals submitted to the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) aim to redefine the Internet as a system of government-controlled, state-supervised networks, according to a leaked document.

The WCIT-12 summit in Dubai is currently where the U.N.’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is being held, where member state countries are going head-to-head about proposed revisions to the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITR), a legally binding international treaty signed by 178 countries.

The leaked document [PDF] was proposed by a member state bloc comprised of Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to ITU’s Twitter feed, TechWeek Europe and The National, the proposal has now been withdrawn. Additionally, the Egyptian delegation has communicated to WCITleaks via Twitter that, despite its name on the document, Egypt claims it “never supported the document.”

Both Russia and China have been criticized in the past for various actions over their legislative approaches to their citizens’ Internet access. Russia recently enacted a ‘blacklist’ law that sparked parliamentary scrutiny over the country’s plans to censor the Russian Web, while China has for years impeded citizens’ access to a free and open Web thanks to the state-run so-called ‘Great Firewall’.

The leaked proposal specifically defines the Internet as an: “international conglomeration of interconnected telecommunication networks,” and that “Internet governance shall be effected through the development and application by governments,” with member states having “the sovereign right to establish and implement public policy, including international policy, on matters of Internet governance.”

The secretly drafted proposal were posted on WCITLeaks, a Web site where conference proposals are being anonymously leaked, partially due to the fact that WCIT-12 conference proposals have not yet been made available to the general public.

The document also reflects one country’s relentless push to redefine the Internet — most recently seen in Russia’s original proposals for WCIT-12 [PDF].

In June 2011, Vladimir Putin met with ITU’s Secretary-General, Dr. Hamadoun Toure, where the then-Russian Prime Minister reminded the Toure that Russia co-founded the ITU. Putin then made headlines after stating that Russia intends to actively participate in, “establishing international control over the Internet using the monitoring and supervisory capabilities of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).”

With the secretive nature of WCIT-12′s proposal system, there is a growing sense that certain countries are prepared to move quickly in hopes that drastic proposals will slip through unnoticed.

In late November, the Arab States made a last-minute play to have the ITU become a national registry in the standards-setting summit the ITU facilitated just before WCIT-12 began only a week ago.

According to Dot Next, attendees at the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA) were “surprised” with an aggressive last-minute proposal by the Arab States that the ITU become a provider of IP addresses, citing “historical imbalances” relating to the allocation of traditional IPv4 addresses.

The proposal was halted when the U.S. threatened that it would refuse to accept the decision if it were passed. In a softening move, the ITU then decided it would, “conduct a feasibility study on the necessary action that would enable ITU-T to become a registry of IPv6 addresses” for the ITU Council to consider in 2013.

It’s outrageous to think that any country would propose “state surveillance,” or “the sovereign right to force Internet companies to hand over private information.” But, this seems to be just what this document is proposing:

The leaked proposals (Credit: WCITLeaks.org [PDF])

It cannot be understated the damage such a proposal could do to the free and open Internet, online privacy and anonymity, with access to the Internet at risk from an array of oppressive governments.

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Bringing Transparency to the ITU

The forthcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications is marred by a lack of transparency. Access to preparatory reports, as well as proposed modifications to the ITRs, is limited to ITU member states and a few other privileged parties. This leaves civil society groups, and the public in general, in the dark. To foster greater transparency, we are offering a way for those in possession of such documents to make them publicly available. They can be anonymously submitted to us, and we will publish them here.


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OpWCIT: Anonymous Leaks Confidential Documents from Private ITU Meeting

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Leaked documents from a recent ITU meeting have exposed possible usages of deep packet inspection methods in next generation networks.

The leaked documents came to light a few days ago and have been posted to AnonPaste.

The leak file is a 17mb compressed zip file that contains 3 pdf documents.

One of the documents appears to be a complete final draft (the 17mb one)  which has most of the important information within it. If things like this actually do go into action it will mean that anyone’s Internet can be monitored extremely closely and it would all be “legal” for them to do so which is absolutely absurd and a invasion of overall privacy.

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OpWCIT: Anonymous Attacks ITU Website

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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the UN body that has played a standards-setting role for global telecommunication networks over the decades, Wednesday night suffered a website attack that severely disrupted a conference to discuss its Internet influence.

The ITU is holding the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai from Dec. 3-15 on the topic of the Internet, and in so doing, has garnered criticism in some quarters that it might be making some kind of power grab to try and control Internet regulation. Among the critics has been the hacktivist group Anonymous, which this week issued a call to its adherents to launch an online attack on the ITU, an action that succeeded in some part.

ITU VS. IETF: Internet standards face-off 

BACKGROUND: ITU goes on the defensive ahead of WCIT meeting

ITU Thursday said last night’s “network outage” at one ITU website “blocked civil society, media and other interested parties from following the proceedings, and prevented access to the wealth of online information on the ITU’s WCIT home page and Newsroom. Some delegates were frustrated at being unable to access some of the online working documents that were being considered at the meeting. However a spirit of camaraderie prevailed, with those who had access to up-to-date versions of the texts willing to share with other delegates in order to keep discussions moving forward.” The ITU noted “some hacker groups are claiming responsibility.”

When Network World yesterday inquired of the group Anonymous why it bears resentment toward the ITU, the response from Anonymous was, “While we feel most of the controversial proposals at this year’s WCIT stand little chance of passing, we feel that the ITU is extremely non-transparent and un-democratic.” The group also indicated its effort against the ITU is being largely driven out of Anonymous Germany.

To be sure, the ITU’s moves toward exerting influence over the Internet have raised hackles among many, including the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), which last month expressed deep concern about the ITU approving a standard for deep-packet inspection.

The CDT said the adoption of the standard called “Requirements for Deep Packet Inspection in Next Generation Networks” or “Y.2770″ that was approved at last month’s World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly, is potentially an “invasive technology.”

That’s because it could lead to inspection of encrypted traffic, and the CDT’s concerns are also backed by European digital rights group EDRi. In addition, several members of the European Parliament have been recently heard issuing public pleas to stop the ITU from “taking over the Internet.”

In terms of the network attack it endured from Anonymous yesterday, the ITU said as a “contingency measure, network traffic was redirected to a backup website hosted in another geographical region” that resulted in “performance degradation” that lasted for about two hours.

Anonymous: Operation WCIT

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We love the internet.

And we’re guessing you do too. Think about all the awesome things it gives us: A vast communication network; innovative businesses; a platform to freely speak or challenge powerful governments; and hundreds and hundreds of hours of cat videos.

All this great stuff is available because the internet was designed in an open and inclusive way, with a multitude of voices being able to get a say on how it’s governed.
But the internet is in danger.

There’s a meeting between the world’s governments in a just a few weeks, and it could very well decide the future of the internet through a binding international treaty. It’s called the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT), and it’s being organized by a government-controlled UN agency called the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

If some proposals at WCIT are approved, decisions about the internet would be made by a top-down, old-school government-centric agency behind closed doors. Some proposals allow for internet access to be cut off more easily, threaten privacy, legitimizes monitoring and blocking of online traffic. Others seek to impose new fees for accessing content, not to mention slowing down connection speeds. Used as a pretext to internet pornography among other things as an excuse to censor sensitive material pages (note that there are too many cases of child pornography that are ignored by the police) In addition to paying for internet service, you’d also have to pay for visiting certain sites, such as YouTube. Your communications would be constantly monitored and archived, meaning the end of Internet privacy. This could potentially lead to individuals becoming victims of blackmail by malicious people who control the monitoring. The Internet is home to many organized social movements which fight for human rights worldwide. If we allow this, we will not be able to use the Internet to organize the defense of our rights…

If the delicate balance of the internet is upset, it could have grave consequences for businesses and human rights.
This must be stopped.

Only governments get a vote at WCIT, so we need people from all around the world to demand that our leaders keep the internet open.

Watch the video, and take action above to tell your governments to oppose handing over key decisions about the internet to the ITU. Let’s use the internet’s global reach to save it.

Sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom

Sign the Petition

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OpWCIT: Russia, China & Others Withdraw Internet Regulation Push after Proposal is Leaked Online

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