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#OpTunisia: Anonymous Hacks Gov. Sites, Looking For Info About Opposition Leader Chokri Belaid’s Assassination

In News on February 12, 2013 at 4:55 PM


Anonymous is at it again. Through #OpTunisia, Anonymous groups: AnonGhosts, Unkown Gladiators International , and Anonymous Tunisia, have hacked and defaced the Tunisian Agency of Internet (ATI) site and leaked its emails.  The emails have not been disclosed—yet! Anonymous is looking for links to the assassination of political opponent “Chokri Belaid”.

The Tunisian government sites hacked were: ennahdha.tn, cpr.tn and the Facebook pages of Ennahdha International Page (Official).

They even hacked Tunisian leader Rachid Ghannouchi’s Facebook account as well.

Both data bases from ennahdha.tn and cpr.tn site were wiped by the Anonymous Hackers a few days ago.  The Ennahdha.tn site is more secured then most United States websites and the information in those sites are highly sensitive.

So why the fight?  Anonymous along with most Tunisia citizens are tired of corruption, and citizens are taking the most natural step in protest which is finally standing up and providing resistance to the corrupt government of Tunisia. One such example of this corruption: the murder of political opponent “Chokri Belaid”—assassinated by the Ennahdha party who primarily controls the Tunisian government.

1,400,000 people, along with his daughter, are taking Chokri Belaid’s body from his house to bury him to show love and support.

This may be the largest funeral gathering in Tunisian history to date.  However, threats have been already made by the government of Tunisia and the Ennahdha party to dig up Chokri Belaid body and basically make an example of him—a heinous and disgusting act inciting and inviting even more civil unrest.

Currently, there is a lot of civil unrest in Tunisia, and exhuming Chokri Belaid’s body will only inflame its citizens’ passion for their cause all the more.  Through all of this conflict, one would hope the people of Tunisia will be victorious in their actions and ultimately take back their government just as the citizens of Iceland did with their government.

Via CyberWarZone

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  1. this is not hacking they just use an xss on ati webmail not hack it

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