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AFP – “sorry, ..not” Channel Seven Search Warrant

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Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Phelan has spoken about the “botched” search warrant executed at Channel Seven earlier this week.

The warrant had been issued as wild rumours surfaced that Schapelle Corby would be paid millions of dollars for an exclusive interview with Channel Seven.      AFP - here no schapelle

SEVEN West Media CEO Tim Worner, issued a statement questioning the validity of the search warrant,

“Seven can confirm that the Australian Federal Police today executed a number of search warrants on the company,” begins Worner’s statement. “These raids came as some surprise to us, given we fully cooperated with requests made of us by the AFP last week including ongoing correspondence between the AFP and our lawyers, all of which were responded to. Our lawyers’ offices were also raided despite their co-operation.”

On Friday 21st February, the AFP apologised for that accusation, saying it was “an innocent word-processing error”.

AFP Ass. Comm. Michael Phelan said this morning proceeds of crime legislation clearly specify that a person convicted of a crime in Australia or overseas should not benefit from their notoriety.

Indonesian authorities are reportedly looking at ways to stop her from selling her story about the nine years she spent in a Bali jail for marijuana smuggling.

Indonesian Deputy Justice Minister, Denny Indrayana, has advised Corby against doing an interview which might breach her parole and could possibly put her back in Kerobokan jail.

Australian laws came into force in 2003, which gave federal authorities the power to confiscate literary proceeds derived from criminal activities.


Ransomware – Target Pharmacy

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The Pharmacy Industry has become the latest target for “ransomware”.
The CPU locker is sent with an official looking letter head and and demands a payment within a certain time period. If the ransom is not paid the computer is locked and rendered near useless.
This type of malware has been around in a number of different formats and has given rise to a number of open source remedies which successfully remove the malware.AFPlocked-small

The recent module of the malware highlights the importance of backing up important customer and industry information. It is also interesting how the major computer protection companies have remained mute over this phenomenon  of ransom ware.

The globalisation of ransomware can be seen as the currency changes as it moves from continent to continent. Sometimes spread inadvertently, sometimes by ignorances and stupidity.

Below is a video showing how the recent digitalisation of the Pharmacy Industry has made it a target for unscrupulous criminal organisations. As more industries come to rely on the internet for core business growth, more targets will avail themselves.

Asleep at the wheel, technology, software and computer companies need to lift their game…or risk a deflation of public confidence which could render a once trusted industry into a worthless shell.


Digital Advertising – the next horizon

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Digital Advertising has exploded and is showing all the signals of becoming the new horizon in the advertising industry.

22% of the world’s population sign into a social media site at least once a month.

The revenue raised from digital advertisements is for the first September FY Quarter is over one Billion dollars.

A new horizon for an industry which relies on its ability to  morph to its environment and to its brand customers expectations.

Applications continue to provide a significant base for this emerging horizon leading to a new sector of creative and technology skill sets.

If you’re not on the edge,…you’re taking up space.

Leaked – Australian Defence Minister – “assume the worst”

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Australian Defence Minister Western Australian Liberal Senator David Johnston in a briefing which was closed to media (but a recording of the question and answer session has been obtained) that  the Government should assume the worst in regard to future NSA revelations.

This has come a day after The Guardian published more top secret documents from the ASD – previously known as the Defence Signals Directorate – showing how Australian intelligence agencies had offered to share data on Australian citizens with foreign agencies.

The release of these documents have called into the legality of the Australian Governemnets actions during which time metadata was gathered without permissions or warrant.

Senator Johnston is responsible for the Australian Signals Directorate, the agency recently exposed for targeting the phone of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his inner circle.

Factor 8 – Tainted Blood

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Factor 8 – Tainted Blood

This is a the story of the Arkansas Prison Plasma Program which came about from a pure greed and a level of sheer incompetence which is unfathomable to most people today.

From the early 1960′s prisoners were paid to give blood which was separated into red cells and plasma. The Plasma was then used to supply haemophiliacs and patients across the world.

The belief that AIDS and Hepatitis did not travel in the Plasma was a ‘quack’ doctoring which suited the Prison System’s greed.

As you watch the video below and start to understand the depth of failure by the authorities charged with community protection, understand that there has been no apology.

This is a catastrophe in the health care which has far wider implications and goes all the way to the top Government levels.

Maybe before you watch the video…..ask yourself why you have never heard of this gross negligence and why nothing is been done.









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