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Leaked Document Shows Bahrain Gov’t Planning to Stockpile More Tear Gas Canisters Than People in Country

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Bahrain’s Ministry of Interior is planning to import 1.6 million tear gas canisters and 90,000 tear gas grenades, according to a leaked document, published today by research and advocacy group Bahrain Watch.  The document — apparently a tender issued by the Ministry of Interior’s Purchasing Directorate — shows that Bahrain’s security forces are stockpiling massive amounts of tear gas, despite serious concerns of international NGOs and the United Nations Human Rights Council.  These groups have called Bahrain’s use of tear gas “unnecessary and indiscriminate”, and “lethal”.  This planned new shipment will supply Bahrain with more tear gas canisters than the entire population of the country.

Bahrain Watch understands that no shipment related to this tender has yet been made, however, such a shipment could begin at any time, given the date of the tender.

Bahrain has historically used US-origin tear gas, but the State Department apparently blocked further US exports over concerns about its “excessive use” in May 2012.  Bahrain Watch believes that one of the firms that seem to be supplying Bahrain currently may be planning the shipment:

  1. Rheinmetall Denel Munitions – a German/South African company. Tear gas made by this company has been seen in Bahrain since 2011. The canister that killed 14-year old Ali Jawad al-Sheikh on 31st August 2011 is visually similar to thosemanufactured by Rheinmetall Denel.

  1. DaeKwang Chemical Company Ltd and Korea C.N.O. Tech Ltd – two South Korean firms. Unmarked tear gas canisters, as well as tear gas grenades, which are visually identical to those originally manufactured by DaeKwang and exported by C.N.O. Tech have been seen in Bahrain since late 2011. The canister that killed 15-year old Sayed Hashim Sayed Saeed on 31st December 2011 looks visually identical to those manufactured by DaeKwang.

In order to stop any further shipments of tear gas, Bahrain Watch is launching a campaign entitled “Stop The Shipment” (, and @StopTheShipment on Twitter.  The campaign invites participants to send complaint messages via e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook to Bahrain’s tear gas suppliers, as well as export licensing authorities in these countries.  With enough public and media pressure the campaign could result in export licenses being revoked, and shipments being blocked similar to what has happened previously with US-made tear gas products.

Anonymous: Operation Bahrain F1 – Grand Prix Formula 1 To Be Shut Down

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Greetings World,

We are Anonymous. And we have watched since the last Grand Prix F1 race in Manama, Bahrain. Since last year, we have had millions of eyes trained on the continuing oppression of our freedom loving brethren in Bahrain by the self-made “King” in Manama.

Since last year, when Anonymous in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of Bahraini – shut down the Grand Prix F1 race and said “no” to blood racing. One year since Anonymous dumped the personal information including credit card and passport numbers, of all the F1 attendees in Bahrain – and yet Bernnie Eccelstone and the “Royal Family” of Bahrain have learned nothing. So we are coming forward this year to wreck your little party again Mr. Eccelstone. Anonymous will not stand by and allow you a race fueled by the blood of our freedom loving comrades in Bahrain.

Beginning with the opening festivities of your little blood race, you can expect the presence of Anons from all over the globe inside your intertoobz. We will remove you from the world wide web, whether you be Grand Prix or Bahrain government – we shall take it all down. We will expose the personal data of any person who supports this race in any way. You have been warned. Once the festivities for this race begin in Bahrain, all bets are off. We call upon Bernie Eccelstone while there is still time; cancel your blood race now.

We Are Anonymous
We Are Everywhere
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Bernie Eccelstone & Bahrain Royal Family, it’s too late to…
Expect US!

Via RezoAnonymous @AnonymousVideo

Bahrain bans ‘Anonymous’ Guy Fawkes mask

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The Guy Fawkes mask – which has come to represent a universal symbol of protest – has been banned in Bahrain. The move is the latest in a series of measures implemented by the Gulf state to quell a two-year pro-democracy uprising.

A ban on orders of the mask – which was popularized by the 2005 Hollywood adaption of the comic book ‘V for Vendetta’ – has been ordered by the Gulf kingdom’s Industry and Commerce Minister, Hassan Fakhro.

The decision was carried out following a request by the country’s Interior Ministry, which said the move was in the “public interest,” Bahrain’s Official Gazette reports.

The ministry has instructed the country’s border and port authorities to prevent the masks from being imported, and anyone attempting to circumvent the ban could potentially be arrested.

The measure has been interpreted as an attempt to eliminate a potent symbol against the monarchy’s rule. And to deprive anti-government demonstrators of a means of masking their identity.


From the ‘Occupy’ movement in America to Arab Spring uprisings in neighboring states, the mask has become what the comic’s illustrator David Lloyd described as a “placard to use in protest against tyranny.”

Bahrain is now the second Gulf country to ban the use of the infamous Guy Fawkes visage – the UAE issued a warning proscribing the wearing of the mask on National Day, December 2.

Bahrain, a country where over 75 percent of the country is Shia, is ruled by a Sunni monarchy.In February 2011, thousands of protesters swamped the streets of Bahrain’s capital Manama, demanding democratic reforms and the resignation of Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman al-Khalifa.Since the start of the uprising, at least 82 protesters have been killed, including nine children.


Via RT

Bahrain Police Disperse Funeral Procession with Tear Gas, Stun Grenades

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Violent clashes broke out in Bahrain at the funeral of a teenager killed in protests marking the anniversary of the revolt of the Shiite majority against the ruling monarchy. The procession was blocked and dispersed with stun grenades and tear gas.

­Scuffles erupted after armed security forces blocked access to Hussein al-Jaziri’s funeral in the village of Daih on Saturday. The authorities used stun grenades and tear gas to push out those who came to pay their respects.

Thousands of people attended the funeral after which the crowd of protesters marched on “Pearl Square” in Manama, the center point of the 2011 uprising.

Several people sustained injuries when police fired tear gas to disperse them, local witnesses report.

In the village of Sanabis west of the capital, local witnesses reported police using force to disperse a crowd hurling rocks and petrol bombs. Police fired tear gas during clashes with the protests.

Saturday’s events are the latest in a series of tussles between Shiite protesters and the authorities since Thursday, when the country’s opposition marked the second anniversary of revolt in the small island nation hosting the US fifth fleet.

The violence escalated following the death of a teenager on Thursday who was shot by security forces during protests against the kingdom’s rulers. One policeman was also killed in that clash.

Although Thursday’s march had been authorized, Bahrain’s information minister Samira Rajab told RT that the killed teenager, along with a group of provocators, were in a forbidden zone “heading towards the police” with Molotov cocktails in their hands.

Two police officers had been placed in “preventive detention” in connection with this week’s events.

On Friday violence erupted after a crowd blocked a highway linking a number of Shiite villages to the capital.

Earlier authorities announced the arrest of four people in an overnight assault on law enforcement that wounded four policemen.

Bahrain’s two-year struggle has taken an estimated 80 lives, with torture and illegal detention allegations also brought against the regime by human right advocates.

On February 10 the Sunni dominated government started talks with Shiite opposition in order to fulfill oppositions’ demands for democratic reforms.

Via RT

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Bahraini Princess & Princes Accused of Torturing Activists

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A Bahraini princess is in court for the torture of three pro-democracy activists in detention. The princess’s case is the latest in a string of cases of torture and violence has seen the light in a report issued by Bahraini opposition.

Princess Nora Bint Ebrahim al-Khalifa who serves in Bahrain’s Drugs Control Unit, allegedly collaborated with another officer to torture three activists held in detention following a pro-democracy rally against the island kingdom’s monarchy.

The princess categorically denies the charges of torture set against her.

Two of the princess’s alleged victims were Doctors Ghassan Daif and Bassem Daif, who went to help the hundreds wounded when police opened fire with teargas and birdshot during protests in 2011. They were taken into custody in March of that year when it is thought that al-Khalifa tortured them.

The third victim, 21-year-old Ayat al-Qurmazi, was arrested for public reading of inflammatory poetry criticizing the royal family. She claims her blindfold slipped while she was being tortured and she caught a glimpse of al-Khalifa.

As Muslim women have never before been known to take part in interrogations and tortures, Nora Al-Khalifa stands out as the grossest character in the human rights activists’ report, RT’s Nadezhda Kevorkova said.

Princess Nora’s case is the latest in a series of torture scandals highlighted in a report by the Bahrain Forum for Human Rights.

A 55-pages report titled ‘Citizens in the Grip of Torture’ is based on the nine interviews with named and anonymous witnesses. It was published both in English and Arabic.

The report states that two of the Bahraini King’s sons Nasser Bin Hammad Al-Khalifa and Khalid Bin Hammad Al-Khalifa, as well as two other members of the royal family, Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa and Nora Bint Ebrahim Al-Khalifa, directly took part in torturing the activists.

Torture stories include rare details that Muslims usually prefer to shun for ethical reasons, Bahraini opposition activists told Kevorkova.

After getting numerous letters from torture victims who mentioned the four members of the royal family among the arresters and torturers, the report’s authors decided it was vital to get an investigation going, RT’s Kevorkova said.

Included in the report are short CVs of those four members of the Bahrain’s royal family accused of human rights violations.

Nasser Bin Hamad, the fourth son of the King Hamad, is a colonel and commander of Bahrain’s royal guard. Bin Hamad, his 23-year-old brother, has also held a number of senior positions despite his young age and is married to Saudi Arabian King’s daughter.

The other two Al-Khalifas directly responsible for cases of torture and violence as stated in the report are Colonel Khalifa Bin Ahmed, a high-ranking police officer dismissed from his post in September 2011, and Lieutenant Nora Bint Ebrahim Al-Khalifa of Bahrain’s Drug Enforcement Administration.

Tortured for Reading Verses


Poet Ayat Al-Qurmozy was arrested in March 2011 after reciting a poem against the Bahraini regime during a peaceful demonstration in Pearl Roundabout. She was detained by masked men dressed in civilian clothing. On her release, al-Qurmozy told of tortures used on her by both men and women. One of the women involved was identified as Nora al-Khalifa.

The report states that Nora spat on al-Qurmozy and into her mouth, slapped her in the face repeatedly, administered electric shocks and shouted anti-Shia slurs.

On the eighth day of her arrest, al-Qurmozy was brought blindfolded into a room full of men, documents the report. They shouted abuse at her and demanded she tell them by whom she was given the verses and how much she was paid for reading them.

“I was surprised by a woman grabbing me and slapping me hard in the face… When she was screaming, cursing and slapping me hard on my face, the blindfold came down off my eyes and I saw her face a bit but they rushed to lift it,” al-Qurmozy later said, as cited in the report.

Al-Qurmozy was then brutally beaten, and Nora gave her electric shocks every time she lost consciousness, the report says. After that Nora allegedly went on torturing the young poet every night, beating her on the face and spitting on her every time she found her without a blindfold.

Threatened by rape, the poet girl was forced to confess to her ‘guilt’ in front of a camera. But her torture continued after al-Qurmozy was thrown into a car, the report says, elaborating on how Nora slapped her on the head, threatened to cut out her tongue, spat and put a wooden bathroom broom into her mouth and beat her continually. All these abuses were witnessed by another arrested woman, Jalila Salman, who was put in the same car.

Tortured for Taking Part in Demonstration


Sheikh Mohammad Habib al-Mekdad, president of Zahraa Association for Orphans, was arrested at home in April 2011 by a group of 50-60 people wearing civilian clothes and masks. He was still in detention at the time of the report.

Al-Mekdad was stripped naked and beaten, and then put in pitch-dark prison cell, where he was continually tortured, the report says. According to al-Mekdad, he was hung head down, beaten for hours, and had sensitive body parts exposed to electric shock.

Prince Nasser Bin Hamad came to interrogate al-Mekdad and other detainees, making sure they recognized him before their questioning, the report says. On learning that al-Mekdad took part in a Safriya protest march in front of the Bahraini king’s palace, where some people shouted “Down with King Hamad,” the prince began beating him.

Prince Nasser then supervised the torture in person, Al-Mekdad said at the February 2012 court trial according to the report. There he showed more than 50 electric shock traces on his body and told the judge he was tortured by a drill piercing his leg and humiliated by spitting in his mouth. Prince Nasser forced al-Mekdad to kiss pictures of the royal family in between the torture sessions.

None of these words were taken down in the court, and the judge asked al-Mekdad to remain silent, saying that “this court has its respect,” the report states.

Tortured for SMS


This is what happens in Bahrain if the king’s son finds a suspicious SMS in your phone, RT’s Kevorkova said, citing the story of the man speaking on condition of anonymity.

According to the report, the man was stopped at a checkpoint near Safriya Palace in May 2011 while driving in a car with his wife and children. He recognized one of the patrolmen as Prince Khalid Bin Hamad. Unsatisfied with the fact that nothing was found in the car, the prince started searching through text messages on the man’s phone, and found an old SMS on the Pearl Roundabout demonstration.

The prince then ordered the man’s brother be called to take the woman and children home, but on his arrival both were arrested, the report says. They were thrown to the ground, beaten and forced “to repeat the royal greeting,” with Khalid Bin Hamad ordering to beat them again for every royal family member’s name they didn’t know.

The men were also forced to eat hot chili peppers and insult some opposition figures. The reports states that the police has also started beating the men on coming to the scene.

Both were sentenced to 60 days in prison and dismissed from their jobs.

Another man cited in the report was also arrested at a checkpoint after policemen noticed his car was parked near Pearl Roundabout and took the car’s number down.

For that he was put in al-Qalaa prison and tortured daily with the use of special devices and techniques, including chaining, limb piercing and beating with clubs, the report claims. He was also deprived of sleep and his religious practices, the report adds.

Prince Nasser Bin Hamad allegedly supervised the man’s torture, which was carried out by foreigners.

“This is not Iran, we came to you from Iraq, and we are Saddamists,” they shouted as they tortured him, according to the report.

The man was cited as saying that his friend Karim Fakhrawi, who was also detained, died during one such torture session.

RT sent a letter to Bahraini Information Affairs Authority last week asking for the comment on the report, but has so far not received an answer.

Via RT

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