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“Burn It Down!”: LAPD Demolish Cabin Dorner’s Holed Up In Waco Style

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UPDATE: The L.A. Times reports that “incendiary tear gas” was used by police to start the fire that killed Christopher Dorner, confirming our report.

Police audio from the Christopher Dorner siege reveals a deliberate plan to burn down the cabin in which Dorner was trapped, with one officer heard to say, “fucking burn this motherfucker,” before police discussed their intention to, “go ahead with the plan with the burners.”


The audio was captured on police scanners as well as being picked up by a local news broadcast. More than seven agencies, federal, state and local were involved in the final hours of the siege. The LAPD SWAT Team was airlifted in to carry out the final raid, with reports later confirming, “the SWAT team had the cabin surrounded.” San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies were also involved in the standoff. The video above is from captured police scanner transmissions which were broadcast online shortly before authorities ordered them to be disabled.

“Alright, we’re gonna go ahead with the plan with the burners,” one officer says.

“Copy,” replies another.

“Like we talked about,” the first officer responds.

“The burners are deployed, and we have a fire,” says another officer moments later, before the police dispatcher repeats the statement.

Within minutes of the fire starting, police note that the cabin is “starting to collapse.”

Police are also heard discussing if they are ready to “bring fire”.

“Burners” is police slang for tear gas canisters, which are known to cause fires.

In a separate clip carried by a local news channel, police are heard to say, “Fucking burn this motherfucker,”  and “burn that fucking house down.” This audio appears to be from earlier in the siege following the initial shootout between Dorner and cops.

In another audio clip broadcast by CBS Los Angeles, police are heard saying, “get the gas, burn it down,” clearly indicating cops knew use of tear gas would set the cabin on fire.

As the Guardian reports, tweets made by journalist Max Blumenthal, who was listening live to police scanner feeds, correlate with the audio from the YouTube clips.

Shortly after smoke was seen rising from the cabin, police ordered online scanner feeds to be cut having earlier barred networks like CNN from carrying live footage of the scene and telling journalists not to put out tweets.

The fact that police would burn down the cabin in which Dorner was trapped, in a similar fashion to how the infamous Waco siege ended in 1993, was predicted ahead of time in a video Alex Jones made hours beforehand. I made the same prediction in a Facebook post before reports even emerged that the cabin was on fire.

Given the ammunition inside the cabin, LAPD officers knew that the tear gas would lead to a fire and instead of waiting it out, chose instead to carry out a summary execution. That’s not to excuse the actions of Dorner, but the fact that police now view burning people to death as a reasonable way to apprehend a suspect is shocking.

As Mike Adams writes today, “If the LAPD is going to abandon its mission of public safety and function as an armed vigilante justice squad, dishing out death sentences to those it believes are guilty — without a trial or anything resembling due process — then they might as well throw away all their badges as just call themselves the LA Gang Squad. Because that’s how they’re acting.”

A spokeswoman for the San Bernardino county sheriff’s office said that Dorner’s charred remains were found inside the cabin.

The quotes by cops screaming to burn the cabin down from earlier in the siege can be heard in the news report below.

Via InfoWars

Fire Department Told to Stand Down

NaziGods DDoS Jefferson County Sheriff Website

In Anonymous, News, Occupy Steubenville, OpRollRedRoll, Other Leaks, Science & Technology, USA, USA, World Revolution on January 5, 2013 at 12:36 PM

In response to Jefferson County authorities’ handling of the Big Red High football team “rape crew,” and Sheriff Fred Abdalla’s press conference yesterday saying that he was coming after Anonymous, hacktivist group NaziGods announced they would be taking down the Jefferson County Sheriff website. Sure enough, no more than an hour later NaziGods announced the site was down.

Sheriff, you should have expected us.

Video Shows Syrian Rebels Trying to Shoot Down a Commercial Airliner

In News, NWO, Other Leaks, Syria, Viral Videos, World Revolution on December 29, 2012 at 12:45 AM



A shocking video shows Obama-backed Syrian rebels attempting to shoot down a civilian airliner over the Idlib province in another disturbing example of how taxpayer money is being used to support terrorists.


The footage shows members of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) manning an anti-aircraft gun and debating whether or not they should target what is clearly a non-military plane.

“Keep following it, let it get closer,” says one of the men, giving orders to the militant in control of the weapon, adding, “Don’t shoot until I tell you.”

“This plane is for travel,” another remarks as it becomes clear the jet is a commercial airliner. “This plane is not military,” adds another.

After another rebel claims the plane could be military, another tells him, “No, it is civilian, look at how slow it is.”

The men then get orders via their walkie talkies from someone named ‘Sheikh Amhed’, who tells them, “Even if it is for travel (civilian), hit it!”

“Hit it,” yells another rebel, “Just aim straight and fire,” remarks another.

The men then start chanting “Allahu Akbar” and a shot is fired in the direction of the aircraft followed by another. Having missed, the men then rotate the anti-aircraft gun around to the right as the plane flies over Maasaran.

“Let’s hit the plane, Allah willing!,” comments one of the men.

It is not known whether the plane was actually hit, but the fact that rebels are targeting civilian airliners was already confirmed last week when a rebel commander told Reuters that, “Rebels fired warning shots at an airliner preparing to take off from Aleppo airport in the first direct attack on a civilian flight since the uprising in Syria began 21 months ago.”

The fact that US-backed rebels are targeting civilian airliners and endangering the lives of innocent people again illustrates how NATO powers are throwing their support behind terrorists who are openly committing war crimes and bragging about it.

Earlier this month, 29 different Syrian opposition groups pledged their allegiance to Al Nusra, an Al-Qaeda-affiliated group which, as the New York Times reported, “killed numerous American troops in Iraq.”

The Obama administration has sent hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Syrian rebels, the majority of whomaren’t even Syrian, and has indicated that heavy weaponry and military support is on its way. On December 12,President Obama recognized the Syrian opposition as the “legitimate representative of the country’s people.”

The White House has supported the FSA militants in their bid to overthrow President Bashar Al-Assad despite the fact that Syrian rebels have been responsible for a plethora of atrocities, from terrorist attacks and massacres, to forcing people to become suicide bombers, to attacks on Christian churches and making children carry out grisly beheadings of unarmed prisoners.

A Syrian rebel recently quoted by McClatchy Newspapers was overheard to remark, “When we finish with Assad, we will fight the U.S.!” Other militants have appeared in You Tube videos speaking of their desire to see the Al-Qaeda flag fly over the White House and impose Sharia law once the rebels are victorious across the region.

Rebels have also been caught on camera burning U.S. flags and chanting anti-American slogans.

A petition launched earlier this month asks the White House to cease all funding and support for Syrian rebels, noting that, “Funding terrorists is a crime under the National Defense Authorization Act.”

Related Link: Syria’s Second-Largest City Aleppo Closes Airport Due to Rebel Attacks

#OpIsrael: TANGO DOWN – 9000+ Israeli Gov. Websites Attacked Over 44 Million Times in 4 Days

In Anonymous, Israhell, News, NWO, OpIsrael, Palestine, World Revolution, Zionism on November 22, 2012 at 12:41 AM


Anonymous has launched a massive attack named #OpIsrael, protesting against Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza.

@YourAnonNews tweeted 9000+ Israeli government websites have been taken down or defaced.

­Over the past four days, Israel has “deflected 44 million cyber-attacks on government websites,” Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz told AP. “This is an unprecedented attack,” he said.

Passengers Allegedly Take Down Plane Hijackers in China

In China, News, Other Leaks on July 5, 2012 at 3:18 AM



Two men who allegedly tried to hijack a plane in China’s restive Xinjiang region have died, state media report.


China’s Global Times said the men, from the Uighur minority group, died in hospital of injuries sustained trying to break into the plane’s cockpit.

Six people were detained after the incident on Friday, in which several people were injured.

Authorities in China frequently clash with the Uighurs, who complain of repression and discrimination.

The Global Times, citing unnamed officials, said the men had died “from injuries received in a fight with passengers and crew”.

Two other suspects were moved to hospital after they “reportedly mutilated themselves”, it added.

The BBC has been unable to independently verify the reports.

The Tianjin Airlines plane had just taken off from Hotan and was bound for Urumqi when the incident occurred.

Officials have said the men tried to break into the cockpit using a broken aluminium crutch as a weapon, but were overpowered by passengers and crew. The plane landed safely back in Hotan.

But Dilxat Raxit, spokesman for the German-based World Uighur Congress which campaigns for Uighurs’ rights, shed doubt on the Chinese claims.

Speaking to AP news agency, he said it had not been an attempted hijack, but a fight following a dispute over a seat.

Almost half of Xinjiang’s residents are Uighurs, a Muslim minority group with cultural and ethnic links to Central Asia.

Uighur allegations of discrimination have been behind anti-Han Chinese and separatist sentiment in the restive region since the 1990s.

In 2009, riots erupted in Xinjiang in which nearly 200 people died after tensions flared between the Uighur and Han Chinese communities. Since then, there have been sporadic attacks and clashes.

Original Global Times Report: 06/30/2012 Hotan Hijack Foiled After Aircraft Brawl

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