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Istanbul Flashes Lights In Solidarity With #OccupyGezi

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Video via @KhaledAkil “Right now from my balcony, from Teşvikiye, Istanbul.” #OccupyGezi

“The Fix Is In” – Barrett Brown, the FBI and Stratfor

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Barrett Brown, Hammond and the Irish Connect

the sting that stung and other assorted FBI faggotory 



       This article is designed in a way to start a journey for the reader into a case of dirty pool. Well, to put it more accurately, entrapment.

The Players

The FBI, along with an at best mediocre Private Intelligence Agency, a drug dealing, hacker, Credit Card stealing, twitter troll and a genuinely talented individual, published author slash activist.

The Thread

The thread is long and intertwined, but with careful analysis and common sense the conclusion is reached that all three of Barrett Brown indictments, Jeremy Hammond and the Donncha Cearrbhail complaint (Palladium/Anoasco)….they are all… 100%…. contrived from false data, dead credit card numbers, and staged phone conversations.

Faggory Daggory Do!

The FBI and the drug dealing, credit card stealing snitch, who, for want of a better name we shall call ‘Sabu’ aka ‘CW’ trolled the twitter sphere and Anonymous IRC chat rooms purposefully and with prejudice to entrap digital activists.

Bit Player

This was done in tandem with payed internet trolls, denounced by Anonymous, cast out, exiled…memes on the run.

It always seemed funny, ( brain damage..?), how Law Enforcement Agencies payed tax payers monies to an internet meme troll who had absolutely zero credibility along with an IQ to match.

Lets look back and see what Barrett had to say about this back on 2nd April 2011

“I’ve recently had conversations with two of Backtrace Security’s esteemed members, Ashura (Jennifer Emick) and a guy named Zud, at, where they have been in the habit of hanging out at #jester for the purpose of sharing information with AnonymousDown pursuant to their common goal of getting participants sent to prison. Although AnonymousDown promised to me as well as several concerned #jester chanops that he would no longer involve himself in those sorts of activities – which have included threats to dox my ex-girlfriend and her sixteen-year-old daughter on Twitter – Backtrace seems pretty emotionally invested in attacking a great number of people, even those who are only associated with Anonymous via our efforts to assist North Africans and the like.”

However, I digress….

#FreeBarrettBrown, #FreeHammond and #FreeBB have carved a niche in the eggshell mind collective that is the #Anonymous hashed  twitter-sphere and some people are asking,..”what is this all about?”

Barrett, possibly more than any other person is asking that exact question, eighteen of the twenty four hours a day he spends at a Federal Corrections Centre, no bail, since his online arrest September 12th 2012.

Barrett’s in jail..?? WTF???

Just to give you an idea of the depth of consciousness, or lack of it, the hashed twitter sphere can have; Barrett’s girlfriend spent the next two days arguing with trolls that Barrett had faked the whole episode.

The sound of multiple agents pounding in the door , throwing Barrett to the ground….was all faked….right?

Just like the time Commander X announced his move to Canada….that was fake as well….right?

However I digress….again

So where to start?

The beginning? well it’s sort of a bit irrelevant…but perhaps should be mentioned , if only for the fact that it makes a particular Intelligence Agency look pretty stupid.

Getting snagged on a story about Mexican Zetas and suitcases full of money… they just could n’t let go… even as it drew them into a myriad of massive security issues.

when originally uploaded the video had more than 700K views…..Stratfor DMCA’d the channel


just for your own amusement enter Barrett Brown into the search engine

and check this out…

In retaliation the FBI systematically then set about targeting digital activists

In this article I would like to focus on one of Barrett’s indictments. Jeremy Hammond’s case is an almost a  mirror of Barrett Brown’s example, as is the Donncha Cearrbhail Complaint, the Irish Connect.

This one indictment in particular that I’d like to point out.

18 USC § 1028(a)(2), (b)(1)(B), and (c)(3)(A) TRAFFIC IN STOLEN AUTHENTICATION FEATURES; 18 USC § 2 AID AND ABET
18 USC § 1029(a)(3) and (c)(1)(A)(i) ACCESS DEVICE FRAUD; 18 USC § 2 AID AND ABET

How can it be  trafficking when the FBI themselves promoted the paste which included the torrents on the twitter sphere?

HEY LOOK -> HERE’S THE PASTE (26th Dec 2011)


  1.   _____
  2.   /     \   __________________ ___.__.
  3.  /  \ /  \_/ __ \_  __ \_  __ <   |  |
  4. /    Y    \  ___/|  | \/|  | \/\___  |
  5. \____|__  /\___  |__|   |__|   / ____|
  6.         \/     \/              \/
  7. .____          .__         ____  ___
  8. |    |    __ __|  | _______\   \/  / _____ _____    ______
  9. |    |   |  |  |  | \___   /\     / /     \\__  \  /  ___/
  10. |    |___|  |  |  |__/    / /     \|  Y Y  \/ __ \_\___ \
  11. |_______ |____/|____/_____ /___/\  |__|_|  (____  /____  >
  12.         \/                \/     \_/     \/     \/     \/
  13.                                                                       #AntiSec
  14. Greetings Global Pirates,
  15. We truly hope that you’ve been enjoying the Lulzxmas festivities so far. The gifts that AnonSanta left under the LulzXmas tree are just the beginning. As we speak, his little helpers at the North Pole are readying his battle sleigh of lulz with more goodies to bring you LulzXmas joy all week long. Joy in the form of over $500,000 being expropriated from the bigshot clients of Stratfor. You didn’t think we’d let 2011 end without a BANG, did you?
  16. However, if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of customers of STRATFOR Global [Un]Intelligence, you probably woke up Christmas morning to find heaps of burning coal in your stocking. But don’t fret. Take comfort in the fact that at least you’re not George Friedman or any of the STRATFOR IT guys right now.
  17. We create chaos. We create mayhem. We curb stomp companies that play fast and loose with their customers’ private and sensitive information. We bring pain to greedy whitehats willing to flip for a dime on government payrolls. And don’t worry—there’s plenty more havoc in store for the rest of the week. So throw a log on the fire, grab some hot chocolate and settle in for a long week of lulz.
  18. Did you have fun looting and plundering from the pocketbooks of the rich and powerful? How about laughing at the reaction of some of their butthurt customers. We LOL’d hard when poor little Cody Sultenfuss, ranch owner and DHS employee, who asked “Why me?” and when Allen Barr, just retired from the Texas Dept. of Banking, exclaimed, “It made me feel terrible. It made my wife feel terrible.” Let us not forget dear old Victor Gebilaguin, who posted the following on STRATFOR’s Facebook wall in defense of the company: “The hackers ought to be shot then hanged upside down in public.” Well since you feel so strongly about it Victor, we went ahead and ran your card up a bit. Hope you don’t mind. Really guys, cry us a river. Then go and fill out our all-purpose Butthurt Form, so we can get back to you promptly. Your feedback is important to us. Thanks.
  19. Interestingly, one thing we noticed in the fallout of this catastrophic hack was that STRATFOR hired not one, but two outside consultants to try to bail their sorry asses out of the hellhole of a grave we dug them. Top identity theft protection? Professional security consultant? We’ll see how that works out for you, if you ever dare to put your servers back online again. Until then, we’ll be watching and waiting. And laughing, of course.
  20. By the way, now that you have notified your customers of this massive security breach, we might have to pick up the pace of releasing peoples’ credit card information.
  21. Accordingly, we’ll start the day after Christmas off right by dropping a third of the damn alphabet. How does a drop of 30,000 additional names, credit cards, addresses, phone numbers, and md5 hashed passwords sound? Sounds like a financial calamity to us. And just as the markets in the US are opening after the holiday weekend? Might be trouble.
  22. But wait! That’s not all folks. 0h hell n0. Tomorrow, we will be dropping another enormous dump on our next target: the entire customer database from an online military and law enforcement supply store. Bring the pain? Shit, we brought the motherfuckin’ ruckus. You really trying to step this this?
  23. Of course, this could all be averted. Have you given our comrade Bradley Manning his holiday feast yet, at a fancy restaurant of his choosing? Better make it happen, captain.
  24. We’ll end today’s LulzXmas festivities by throwing in 25,000 tickets from the online support database. It’s probably not as controversial as the contents of their private mail spools that we’ll be dropping later, but perhaps it will shed some light on just how clueless this company really is when it comes to database security.
  25. Stay tuned …
  26. ###
  27. ttp://ibhg35kgdvnb7jvw.onion/lulzxmas/STRATFOR_full_d_m.txt.gz
  28. ttps://!download|44tl6|2444489251|STRATFOR_full_d_m.txt.gz|3255|R~7B8842ED6343CEAE67A23C094E131679|0|0
  29. ttp://
  30. ttp://
  31. ttp://
  32. ttp://ibhg35kgdvnb7jvw.onion/lulzxmas/it.tar.gz
  33. ttp://
  34. ttp://
  35. ttp://
  36. ttps://!download|418l34|3218055206|it.tar.gz|416|R~0|0|0|You%20need%20RapidPro%20to%20download%20more%20files%20from%20your%20IP%20address.%20%288d5611a9%29
  37. ##
  38. SPECIAL NOTICE: We are aware that there has been some confusion as to whether the STRATFOR hack is an “official” Anonymous operation, due to a ridiculous “Emergency Anonymous Press Statement” being circulated, undermining our work while also making baseless accusations that we frequently see perpetrated by agent provocateurs. Whether this is the work of malicious counter-intelligence,, some butthurt pacifists, or stratfor employees themselves is unknown. Unfortunately, some main stream news agencies have picked up on this statement, looking for any reason to highlight and exploit any potential “inner divisions” within Anonymous. However, there has been no such squabble or infighting regarding the STRATFOR target, or any other LulzXmas target for that matter. Anyone can claim to be Anonymous, but because of the inherent decentralized nature of Anonymous, without central top-down leadership, no individual is in a place to speak to the legitimacy of another individual or group’s operation. Furthermore, our history of owning high profile targets as Anonymous has been well documented at the #antisec embassy (http://ibhg35kgdvnb7jvw.onion/) and is well known and respected within all Anon communities. Case closed.


failure on our part to encrypt the credit card details

George Friedman CEO Stratfor 10th January 2012

but whats this for?

 27th December 2011 other documents appeared. One set of four imgurs appeared which showed receipts from credit card purchases (online) for books and other sundries from Stratfor employees.

>…. 27th December 2011….<

Back to the paste…

So…as you can see the paste is date 26th December 2012…it also appeared again on the 29th December 2011 as  >

Both of these paste contained torrent links with Credit Card details leaked by the FBI.

who writes shit like that?….and why is it titled “legit”….?

The interesting thing is in the January 10th 2012 video from Stratfor, George Friedman explains that the FBI were involved and knew about the credit cards being compromised on the 17th December 2011

then this happened….

12th Jan 2012

and lets chuck the Xmas defacement in ….

The Stratfor Donations – are they fake?…was this released in imgurs and tweeted trying to show that even after 17th Dec 2011 the cards are still live…in other words…even though the cards were cancelled 17th Dec…is the FBI is making it seem as though they are still live…to see who would take the bait…plausibility?

Then this pastebin was released 16th Jan 2012

this was a “teaser” of the emails yet to be released.

George himself is seen in one news clip with his wallet open looking inside it with a long lost look…pathetic.

All the while the FBI were right behind the honeypot as it rolled along with slime lubricant supplied by the resident maggot snitch.

In a nutshell Barrett Brown has been arrested and indicted on bullshit.

UPDATE -15the November 2013

Hammond’s sentencing statement

“I had never even heard of Stratfor until Sabu brought it to my attention. Sabu was encouraging people to invade systems, and helping to strategize and facilitate attacks. He even provided me with vulnerabilities of targets passed on by other hackers, so it came as a great surprise when I learned that Sabu had been working with the FBI the entire time.”

OpCartel had provided the FBI with a platform on which they could now use to entrap hackers

Sabu was originally against the Op as it had stirred up a bit of  concern amongst the Mexican Anonymous, strangely he was to only be back a day later expounding how OpCartel should be backed up and ‘everyone’ should get along and help Barrett.

Hammond and his 0day exploit was the target. I f the FBI could n’t  get it through Sabu sweet talking, then they were going to get Hammond(sup_g).

The credit card information that appears in the 26th – 29th December 2011 paste and torrents are worthless digits on a spreadsheet.

The imgur images of receipts from the 27th December 2011 are also 100% bullshit.

The FBI recorded call from February 3rd 2012 is a staged event.

The same can be said for Jeremy Hammond and Donncha Cearrbhai and the list continues..

I hope this wakes some of the more able bloggers to look into these cases and make some noise

also George…..

u mad?


other links of interest

Sabu’s twitter timeline

15th August 2011

Another trap?

Sabu’s strange conversation with Havittaja ‏

the Irish Connect


The Ballad of Barrett Brown


(since removed = appears here as Attachment D)


from 31st August 2012


Read these excellent posts by Jim March

EndGame Systems

Barrett Brown’s Judge 

UPDATE 31-Jan-2014


14th Feb 2014

The government opposed on February 14, 2014…??

UPDATE 21- Feb 2014


L.CR.R. 47.1, because the government has not filed a motion and a separate brief

Dismiss the Indictment. 3:12-CR-317-L, Dkt. 98. 

which is indictment 1 , three citations

Internet Threats

Conspiracy to Make Public

Retaliation against a Federal Law Enforcement Officer

25th Feb 2014

Before the court is Defendant Barrett Lancaster Brown’s Motion for Leave to Reply to Government’s Response, filed February 21, 2014. After consideration, the court determines that the Motion for Leave should be and is hereby granted. Accordingly, Defendant Barrett Lancaster Brown may file his reply to the Government’s Response to the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss by 5:00 p.m., Friday, March 7, 2014.

It is so ordered this 25th day of February, 2014.

28th February 2014

Before the court is Defendant’s Agreed Motion to Continue Pretrial Deadlines, filed February 28, 2014. After careful consideration of the motion and the applicable law, the court determines that the motion should be and is hereby granted.

Pretrial motions shall be filed by Monday, March 3, 2014, at 5:00 p.m. The motion response deadline is extended to Monday, March 17, 2014, at 5:00 p.m.

3rd March 2014


Defendant BARRETT LANCASTER BROWN files this motion to dismiss the indictment, or in the alternative elect between multiplicitous counts. In support thereof, he would show the Court the following:


The Indictment is fatally flawed for several reasons. As POINT I illustrates, the alleged act—placement of an object within the scope of a search warrant—cannot constitute “concealment” within the meaning of the charging statutes. Nor can it be used to demonstrate that Mr. Brown acted with culpable state of mind to interfere with justice. Moreover, as illustrated in POINT II, Count 1 must be understood to require a corrupt mens rea. Otherwise, this provision is unconstitutionally vague and overbroad and the charge must be dismissed. In addition, as illustrated in POINT III, §1512’s applicability is limited to witness tampering; it is not meant to be a catch-all obstruction of justice crime and does not encompass the charged conduct. Finally, in the alternative to dismissal, the Court should compel the government to elect between multiplicitous counts, as discussed in POINT IV.

March 4 2014


motion to dismiss Count 1 and Counts 3–12 of the Indictment

Case 3:12-cr-00413-L







Video of NSA Chief Gen. Alexander appearing at DEFCON 2012
The motion (Page 7 , footnote 13 )refers to a video which has a regional block…here it is
Governments Motion to Dismiss
The United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, by and through theundersigned Assistant United States Attorney, files this Motion to Dismiss Count One andCounts Three through Twelve in the original Indictment and in the Superseding Indictmentin the above entitled and numbered cause.
Count 2 in the second indictment(Case 3:12-cr-00413)  remains, but we think that no jury in their right mind would convict Barrett for fraud.
7th MARCH 2014

Case 3:12-cr-00413-L Document 67 Filed 03/07/14 Page 1 of 1 PageID 326

Before the court is Government’s Motion to Dismiss, filed March 5, 2014. After carefully considering the motion and applicable law, the court grants the motion. Counts One and Counts Three through Twelve in the Original and Superseding Indictments in the above entitled and numbered cause are hereby dismissed. As Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss the Indictment, filed March 4, 2014, and a second Motion to Dismiss the Indictment, filed March 5, 2014, seek dismissal of the counts set forth in the Government’s Motion to Dismiss, the court denies as moot both motions of Defendant.

Before the court is the Government’s Agreed Motion to Seal the Plea Agreement and the Factual Resume, filed March 31, 2014. After careful consideration, the court grants the motion, with the stipulation that on or before the date of the rearraignment hearing that the government will file an agreed motion to lift the court’s September 4, 2013 Agreed Order Re: Extrajudicial Statements, and thereafter request that documents filed under seal pursuant to such order be unsealed. The Plea Agreement and the Factual Resume shall be filed under seal.

It is so ordered this 2nd day of April, 2014. 

October 6th PACK THE COURT

Before the court is Government’s Unopposed Motion to Vacate the Agreed Order

Re: Extrajudicial Statements and to Unseal Documents, filed April 21, 2014. After reviewing the Unopposed Motion and the provisions of the Plea Agreement signed by the parties, the court finds that Barrett Brown waived his right to a jury trial in causes numbered 3:12-CR-317-L and 3:12-CR-413-L, and the government agreed to dismiss any remaining counts in those matters and to dismiss the Indictment in cause number 3:13-CR-030-L. Therefore, the court finds that the motion should be and is hereby granted.

It is hereby ordered that, the court’s September 4, 2013 Agreed Order Re: Extrajudicial Statements (document number 93 in cause number 3:12-CR-317-L, document number 55 in cause number 3:12-CR-413-L, and document number 53 in cause number 3:13-CR-030-L) is hereby vacated.

29th April 2014

Barrett enters guilty pleas  plea 2 

read more


14th May 2014

19th June 2014 – sentencing extension

next August 8th 2014 (Presentence)
22nd August Objections
29th August Probation revisions
5th September Revisons and addendum

 29th August 2014 


The Plea Agreement was inadvertently filed without Attachment A.

Sentencing changed from October 6th 2014

16th September 2014

Unopposed Motion to Continue Sentencing Hearing and Motion to Continue Trial,

The motion to continue the trial in case 3:13-CR-030-L will be addressed by separate order.

Accordingly, the sentencing hearing for Case Nos. 3:12-CR-317-L and 3:12-CR-413-L is reset from October 6, 2014, to Monday, November 24, 2014, at 9:00 a.m.



hereby vacated, and this case is reset for trial on December 15, 2014.

whereby the government agrees to dismiss the indictment in this case at the time of sentencing in cases 3:12-CR-317-L and 3:12-CR-413-L.

FreBB - Order resetting 15Dec14

Hang in there Barrett...

Former CIA Agent, Anti-Torture Activist John Kiriakou Toasted By Progressives as He Prepares For Prison

In News on February 22, 2013 at 7:19 PM



It’s not often that one receives an invitation to a “going to prison reception,” and one taking place at an elite hotel, no less. But in the penthouse room of the Hay-Adams on Thursday, activists gathered to say farewell to former CIA agent John Kiriakou as he prepares to begin a 30-month sentence in federal prison for leaking classified information to reporters.

The party was sponsored by the activist groups Fresh Juice Party and CODE PINK, and underwritten by philanthropist Naomi Pitcairn, heir to the Pittsburgh Plate Glass fortune. The first person in 27 years to be convicted of violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, Kiriakou views himself as a whistleblower who is being punished for shedding light on the government’s policy of torturing terrorism suspects through the use of waterboarding and so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

“If this case were about leaking, the jails and the prisons in this country would be bursting with former CIA officers and White House officials — and they’re not,” Kiriakou told the partiers gathered for his send-off. “This case was not about leaking; it was about torture.“

Kiriakou, a tall, broad-shouldered man with a cheerful face and dressed in a dark business suit, was introduced by Jesselyn Radack, a director of the Government Accountability Project who described herself as “one of John’s many attorneys.”

“…it’s abhorrent that the people who order torture, the people who wrote the legal memos justifying torture, the people who carried out the torture, and the people who destroyed the videotapes of it — none of them are going to jail,” Radack said. “In fact, they all have blanket immunity, courtesy of the White House.”

The crowd, many dressed in the evening’s “prison chic” dress code, booed. (Interpretations of incarceration-inspired fashion included get-ups in black-and-white stripes, as well as orange jump suits. “Orange is the new black,” read the invite, paraphrasing the late fashion diva Diana Vreeland’s famous dictum.)

Kiriakou’s conviction is part of what the Washington Post describes as an administration crackdown on leakers. In the number of prosecutions of those charged with leaking secret government information, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice has exceeded all previous administrations, the Post’s Greg Miller reported.

The Hay-Adams Hotel is an historic venue, and a frequent host to dignitaries from around the world, thanks to its proximity to the White House. The hotel’s penthouse offers a spectacular view of the president’s dwelling from above, with the Washington monument soaring in the background.

Pitcairn explained her choice of venue. Pointing at that view, she declared: “We look down on people who torture.”
Joining Pitcairn and CODE PINK founder Medea Benjamin in lauding Kiriakou were other former national security officials who took issue with the denial of constitutional rights to terrorism suspects since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. They included Thomas Drake, a former National Security Agency who was charged for revealing what he said was the agency’s waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars (his complaint was later corroborated by a Pentagon report) and Air Force Col. Morris Davis (ret.), who quit his post as chief prosecutor at the Guantanamo detention facility because of the denial of due process to the suspects he was prosecuting.

It was more than a night of dour speeches, though; being a CODE PINK event, there was plenty of music and artistic satire. Kiriakou was serenaded by two dozen activists who sang the anthem, “Have You Been to Jail For Justice,” while Benjamin, resplendent in a striped outfit of hot pink and black, performed choreographed moves with a colleague.

And the duo Emma’s Revolution performed two of their soulful protest tunes.

Before the evening came to a close, I got a few words with Kiriakou. How did he manage the contrast between the evening’s light-hearted approach to what he’ll face next week — more than two years in prison, away from his wife and five kids.

“There’s nothing I can do about it now,” he said. “I have to accept my fate. But I don’t have to sulk, and I don’t have to feel sorry for myself, and be depressed. I’m going to make the most of the last week and have as good a time as I can have, and I’ll deal with the next phase when I come to it.

That all sounded like in-the-moment, Zen-type stuff to me, so I asked if he had a spiritual practice that led him to that point of view.

“Honestly, I am a very devout Greek Orthodox, and I take strength from that; I always have,” he replied. “They can’t take it away from me. They can’t break me.”

The Government Accountability Project has set up a fund for donations to help keep Kiriakou’s family afloat during his absence; the page is here.


Via Alternet

48 activists arrested in front of the White House

In News on February 13, 2013 at 3:04 PM



Nearly 50 environmental activists were arrested outside of the White House Wednesday afternoon while protesting the planned Keystone XL pipeline.

Demonstrators gathered in downtown Washington, DC on Wednesday to voice their opposition to the project, which would install a massive pipeline from the Canadian tar sands to the Gulf of Mexico, stretching from the north to the south of the entire United States.

After using zip-ties to cuff themselves to the fence outside the White House, 48 protesters were arrested, including activist Bill McKibben, actress Daryl Hannah, civil rights leader Julian Bond and Robert Kennedy, Jr., the nephew of former president John F. Kennedy.


US President Barack Obama previously halted the Keystone project in order to call for a more thorough investigation into potential health and environmental concerns caused by the pipeline, but just last month the head of the Environmental Protection Agency said she would soon leave her position, a decision that some say comes from a change of stance expected soon from the president. According to New York Post’s report last month, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson told anonymous sources that the president will sign off on the project as soon as this spring, despite pleas from critics to reconsider further.

“The Keystone pipeline has become the purest test that there’s ever been on whether the president is serious about doing something about climate change or not,” founder McKibben said earlier in the day during a speech at nearby Lafayette Square, The Hill reports.


Via RT

LIVE: KXL Pipeline Protesters Inside Houston TransCanada Offices

In News, NoKXL on January 7, 2013 at 11:34 AM



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