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Dr. David Duke: “It Is Only The Zionists Who Want War”

In Egypt, Israel, Israhell, NWO, Palestine, USA, Viral Videos, World Revolution on April 22, 2011 at 11:35 PM

Dr. David Duke warns the Muslim world that the revolution in Egypt and elsewhere must not stop now, that it must continue until every nation is free of Zionist control and is truly independent.


Original Video Uploaded By drdduke

  1. I don’t know this man’s heart but I do know that we are under Zionist control and many people are too blind to see it. He may not like blacks, jews, etc. That is his cross to bear, but I support his efforts to fight Zionism which is real and permeating every aspect of our lives. It effects taxes, laws, etc. and until it is exposed to the light then our (s)elected officials will stay in goose step with it.

  2. God bless you ! It means that the Afghans Syrians Turks Sudan’s – Are all Zionists!!!
    Bravo finally the Muslims are Zionist ! It really makes a lot of sense!!!
    You way of thinking the Zionism is Muhammad’s conspiracy!!!
    By the way they both – with Christ – wanted to screw bud-ha ??? how is that ???
    Who supplies your pills ????

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