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Yemen – revolution = action

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A new study conducted by Abaad Studies and Researches Centre has recommended the Yemeni protesters to shift from the stage of “Revolutionary Rage” to the stage of “Revolutionary Action” warning of further engagement in political dialogue. “The continuation of opening doors to political dialogue would lead to negative outcomes on the Yemeni popular revolution track, particularly as some foreign states seek to make the revolution failed and rescue President Ali Abdullah Saleh,” the study said. “There are disagreements inside the Saudi government regarding the events in Yemen. While some of the Saudi elite think that it is not beneficial to support Saleh’s regime currently, others who are close to King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz believe that the support of the Yemeni revolution will negatively impact on the Saudi internal affairs” said the study. “This group attempts to push the Yemeni opposition to engage in dialogue and paints what happens in Yemen as a political crisis”. “These figures close to the Saudi king influenced, to large extent, on the Gulf States and the United States. Gulf States leaders consider the Saudi Arabia as the most country which would be affected by changes in Yemen. Americans also know that Saudi Arabia is the most controller of the energy supplies, therefore, they succumbed to Saudi pressures”. The Study affirmed that there are other reasons that make the U.S. administration reluctant toward the Yemeni revolution. Among those reasons, according to the study, Barack Obama-led democrats would like to win the next elections for Congress through focusing on terrorism which is regarded important issue for the U.S. people. They do not care for democracies and human rights offshore. As for European stances, the study affirmed that attitudes of the European States are more progressive than those of the US, pointing out that there are improvements in the Chinese and Russian stances. The study urged all regional and international states to give priority to the interests of the Yemeni people and not allow the regime to drag the country into violence, indicting that the Yemeni revolution achieve huge success, and if the Gulf States want to trade interests with Yemenis , then they should not be a stumbling block to change. The study considered what happened in Yemen as popular revolution by all standards, not a political crisis, citing that the stands of the Gulf States, except those of Qatar, would provoke the Yemeni people to antagonize those states and affect on future of mutual relations. The study concluded that the protests across Yemen are a popular revolt which is going to fulfill its objectives. “More than six million Yemenis in 18 governorates demand to topple the Yemeni regime and refuse half-solutions of constitutional amendments” the study added. It further said that the Yemeni regime does best to shift the incidents from a popular revolt into a political crisis through killing approximately 400 peaceful protesters, stressing that such acts often de-legitimize any regime. “The continuation of protests, civil disobedience by all peaceful means and averting violence for over three months is a clear-cut response to those who brand what is happening in Yemen as a political crisis” the study said. ” Persistence and determination in achieving their goals raised public sympathy with protesters locally and internationally and that is a success for peaceful protests in its first stage (Revolutionary Rage) and will inevitably lead to the success of the second phase (Revolutionary Action) which will overthrow President Saleh” the study concluded.

Hackers claim breach of Tony Blair’s personal details

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Tony Blair’s personal security breach

Personal details about Tony Blair that appear online were apparently not hacked from the former British prime minister’s computer systems, but from the email account of a former staffer.

Responding to a report about a hacker group that claims to have accessed Blair’s personal data, a Blair spokesman said Saturday, “This information has not been obtained from Tony Blair or any of his office systems.”

“This appears to be information from the personal email account of a former member of staff from a few years ago,” the spokesman said in an emailed statement to CNN. He didn’t elaborate on the situation.

The claim by a member of the hacker group TeaMp0isoN (Team Poison) was first reported by the United Kingdom’s Telegraph newspaper Saturday. The group posted the information on a website called that allows users to upload text.

The information on appears to include Blair’s National Insurance number — similar to a U.S. Social Security Number — and the addresses and phone numbers of numerous personal contacts.

The document has a note at the top that reads: “The information in this article was obtained in 2010 December, we still have access to the webmail server, phone numbers may have changed but all the information is 100% legit.”

It claims to include information on members of Blair’s office, his address and phone book — including the details of “family, friends, MPs and lords” — and the contact details and resume of his former special adviser Katie Kay.

CNN was not able to verify the authenticity of the information published on The PC Magazine website reported that the material had been leaked by a member of Team Poison known as TriCk.

According to posts on TriCk’s Twitter feed Friday night, the hacker group obtained the information in December.

“Tony Blair’s Private Info is getting leaked tonight, so is his Personal Adivsors CV and UK MPs & Lords who supported the war in iraq,” one of the Twitter post said.

An hour later, another post read: “doing the writeup now – Tony Blair and his cockroaches are getting owned tonight. – War IS Terror.”

This week, members of the Team Poison hacker group appeared to step into a row over recent actions by hacker group Lulz Security, tweeting that it would expose the identities of its members.

LulzSec published Arizona police documents Thursday, obtained by hacking the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The agency confirmed it had been the victim of a cyber attack by LulzSec.

The group has also claimed attacks on websites belonging to the CIA, the U.S. Senate and the United Kingdom’s Serious Organised Crime Agency. It also obtained more than 1 million e-mail addresses, passwords and other personal information from the U.S.-based Sony Pictures.

ETA website June 25th 2011

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Electronik Tribulation Army


Ai Weiwei released!

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Ai Weiwei has been released on bail

China has released dissident artist Ai Weiwei on bail after he spent nearly three months in prison on charges of tax evasion, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported Wednesday.

He was seized April 3 while planning to board a plane to Hong Kong and later accused of economic crimes, a move that prompted international condemnation and added to criticism over China’s controversial record on human rights.

“I’m out. I’m with my family and I’m very happy now,” Ai told CNN. “I cannot give you more information because I’m still on bail. I hope you can understand. I have no right to give more information.”

Most famous for designing the Bird’s Nest stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Ai later called for a boycott of the games because he said China was using them as propaganda.

Ai also has accused the Chinese government of trying to silence dissidents.

Beijing police accused him of evading a “huge amount” of taxes, Xinhua reported in May, more than a month after he was detained.

In addition to saying he evaded taxes, investigators also accused Ai’s company of intentionally destroying accounting documents.

No one heard from him for 43 days after his detention began, said his mother, Gao Ying.

His wife, Lu Qing, was allowed to visit him May 15, Ai’s mother said two days after the visit.

Xinhua quoted police May 20 as saying Ai is “living under surveillance” and officials have guaranteed his legal rights, including the right to meet family.

Beijing police told state media that Ai had been released on bail because of his good attitude in confessing his alleged crimes and also said he was suffering from a chronic disease. It is not clear to what disease police were referring.

Ai has also said that he is willing to pay the taxes he allegedly evaded, police told Xinhua.

Relatives and human rights groups said they believe Chinese authorities targeted him because of his irreverent commentary on modern Chinese society. The Chinese government has denied his activism had anything to do with its actions.

His detention was part of a widespread crackdown on dissidents, activists and religious groups across China. Ai’s Beijing studio was raided, and his wife and eight assistants were taken into custody for questioning.

Some commentators said they believe the arrests may have been launched in response to fears over the unrest that has swept the Middle East.

More than 130 activists have been detained in China since February following the government crackdown, according to Amnesty International.

Saleh returning to Yemen

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Saleh will be returning after medical treatment to Yemeni on Friday 24th June 2011.

After almost three weeks Saleh has been in Saudi Arabia after being injured in a rocket attack

The ruling GPC party said the president will be received by celebrations, but anti-government demonstrators throughout the country likely would not welcome his return.

The protesters are demanding that Saleh leave office, and there were celebrations in the streets when he left for treatment.

“Saleh’s arrival back to Yemen is not a surprise; we said all along that he is travelling for medical treatment and like any other president in the world, is expected to be back to his country and continue with the role of leadership,” said Yasser al-Yamani, a senior Saleh aide.

Al-Soufi said that Saudi doctors have given Saleh the green light to return home.

“When he is back, he will rule as normal and the country will continue to be under his control. Saleh will return strong and the will of the people will stand against any other will,” he said.

Saleh will rule until the end of his term in 2013, Al-Soufi added.

Opposition leaders called news of Saleh’s return false rumors.

“The ruling party are experts in lying and that is why we are not taking their comments seriously,” said Hasan Zaid of the opposition Haq party.

Khaled Al-Anesi, prominent Yemeni rights activist and a leading figure in the youth revolutionary movement, said the “youth are now coordinating with the political powers here in Yemen in preparation for the post-Saleh era” and noted that it is “impossible for Saleh to come back.”

“The youth have the backing of the international community and the Saleh era is over,” he said. “Yemenis will not allow Saleh back in Yemen and he is smart enough to know that he is not wanted anymore and that Yemenis have decided to live without him.”

Wassem Al-Qirshi — representative of the revolution youth organizing committee, the largest of the groups that comprise the youth revolutionary movement — said “the youth want to coordinate and create a transition council but we are trying to involve all political factions in the process except the ruling party.”

Government forces have been locked in conflict with al Qaeda’s Yemen wing, and authorities fear the group, called al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, is exploiting the political instability. It has a strong presence in southern Yemen.

Many people have fled their homes because of violence. Close to 45,000 people in southern Yemen have been displaced, particularly in Aden, Lahj and Abyan provinces, the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimated this week


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