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Yemen – revolution = action

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A new study conducted by Abaad Studies and Researches Centre has recommended the Yemeni protesters to shift from the stage of “Revolutionary Rage” to the stage of “Revolutionary Action” warning of further engagement in political dialogue. “The continuation of opening doors to political dialogue would lead to negative outcomes on the Yemeni popular revolution track, particularly as some foreign states seek to make the revolution failed and rescue President Ali Abdullah Saleh,” the study said. “There are disagreements inside the Saudi government regarding the events in Yemen. While some of the Saudi elite think that it is not beneficial to support Saleh’s regime currently, others who are close to King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz believe that the support of the Yemeni revolution will negatively impact on the Saudi internal affairs” said the study. “This group attempts to push the Yemeni opposition to engage in dialogue and paints what happens in Yemen as a political crisis”. “These figures close to the Saudi king influenced, to large extent, on the Gulf States and the United States. Gulf States leaders consider the Saudi Arabia as the most country which would be affected by changes in Yemen. Americans also know that Saudi Arabia is the most controller of the energy supplies, therefore, they succumbed to Saudi pressures”. The Study affirmed that there are other reasons that make the U.S. administration reluctant toward the Yemeni revolution. Among those reasons, according to the study, Barack Obama-led democrats would like to win the next elections for Congress through focusing on terrorism which is regarded important issue for the U.S. people. They do not care for democracies and human rights offshore. As for European stances, the study affirmed that attitudes of the European States are more progressive than those of the US, pointing out that there are improvements in the Chinese and Russian stances. The study urged all regional and international states to give priority to the interests of the Yemeni people and not allow the regime to drag the country into violence, indicting that the Yemeni revolution achieve huge success, and if the Gulf States want to trade interests with Yemenis , then they should not be a stumbling block to change. The study considered what happened in Yemen as popular revolution by all standards, not a political crisis, citing that the stands of the Gulf States, except those of Qatar, would provoke the Yemeni people to antagonize those states and affect on future of mutual relations. The study concluded that the protests across Yemen are a popular revolt which is going to fulfill its objectives. “More than six million Yemenis in 18 governorates demand to topple the Yemeni regime and refuse half-solutions of constitutional amendments” the study added. It further said that the Yemeni regime does best to shift the incidents from a popular revolt into a political crisis through killing approximately 400 peaceful protesters, stressing that such acts often de-legitimize any regime. “The continuation of protests, civil disobedience by all peaceful means and averting violence for over three months is a clear-cut response to those who brand what is happening in Yemen as a political crisis” the study said. ” Persistence and determination in achieving their goals raised public sympathy with protesters locally and internationally and that is a success for peaceful protests in its first stage (Revolutionary Rage) and will inevitably lead to the success of the second phase (Revolutionary Action) which will overthrow President Saleh” the study concluded.

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