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Iran Fight’s U.S. Sponsored Opium Drug Trade in Afghanistan

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At the United Nations 55th Commission on Narcotic Drugs speaker after speaker noted that the war on drugs has lasted for decades but with little results. Iran’s anti-narcotic efforts are very different from the usual thinking, and that could explain why they’ve been so successful.

Many countries fill their jails with drug users, but Iran’s addicts avoid prison and even fines if they complete drug rehabilitation. The UN has called Iran a regional leader for its widespread construction of treatment centers, use of methadone in recovery programs and distribution of syringes among addicts to prevent AIDS.

The destruction caused by the US-led invasion has made Afghanistan’s opium crop even more important, with price and production levels increasing since war began in 2001. The US and NATO spend far more money on bombings, police training and building infrastructure than solving the key issue: getting Afghan farmers to grow other crops effectively. But there’s no profit for the NATO coalition in improving crop yields.

Poppy production in Afghanistan and Pakistan has led Iran to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on walls and fortifications, and causes an average of four armed clashes a day.

When you combine Iran’s efforts to stop drug trafficking, it’s focus on the needs of the Afghan farmer and its enlightened view of drug addiction as a chronic health disease and not as a weakness which deserves a prison sentence, it’s clear that few countries are solving the drug problem as effectively as Iran.





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TVShack’s Richard O’Dwyer Responds to U.S. Extradition Approval

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A 23-year-old student from the UK will be extradited to the United States to face trial for operating a website overseas that linked visitors to external pages that hosted copyrighted material.

Richard O’Dwyer of Sheffield Hallam University in northern England will soon find himself on American soil following the United States’ recent victory in an attempt to extradite the student stateside over a website he ran. American authorities attest that O’Dwyer’s TVShack website, while not in violation of any UK laws where he lived and operated it, infringed on American copyright legislation.

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement department first seized O’Dwyer’s website,, in June 2010. At the time they were able to shut-down the site as the US has jurisdiction over any .net and .com domain names, a revelation which prompted O’Dwyer to relaunch his site with a .cc domain extension shortly after. Even still, authorities were back in a matter of months and questioned O’Dwyer over his revamped operation. That meeting happened in November, and the boy’s mother explained to Ars Technica at the time, “One of them said ‘Don’t worry, you won’t have to go to America.'”

Barely a year later, the US opened a new investigation, filed extradition papers and, as of now, O’Dwyer is expected to soon see an American judge. On Tuesday, the UK Home Secretary agreed to extradite the young man after the Westminster Magistrates’ Court ruled in January that shipping him to America to face charges would be an option on the table.

“I’ve done nothing wrong under UK law, and, it’s pretty ridiculous isn’t it?” Dwyer tells BBC Newsbeat in the UK. “A 65-year-old man was extradited a few weeks ago, so if they can extradite someone that old they can extradite anyone really, couldn’t they?

“Copyright laws differ between countries and that’s yet to be fought, that argument.”

Despite that argument, however, the US believes that O’Dwyer was in the wrong, as far as they are concerned. TVShack sold advertising space and, according to American officials, netted more than $230,000 before American agents first shut it down. The site itself provided users with links to other sites which, when clicked, would take his visitor to external and unaffiliated pages that often streamed copyrighted material, including American television programs protected by US laws.

O’Dwyer’s case is similar to that of founder Kim Dotcom, who is facing a possible extradition from New Zealand to the US over his own site, one which provided  file-sharing services for users and made money off of selling ads and subscriptions.  Unlike Dotcom, however, O’Dwyer did not host any illegal material or allow users to commit crimes by uploading such. Instead, rather, O’Dwyer managed a website that just contained links to other site, something his attorney says is on par with the services Google offers.

“If Richard appears to have committed a crime in this country – then try him in this country,” he mother, Julia, tells BBC today. She adds that she believes that her son was “sold down the river” by the government and cautions others to be weary of UK officials siding with pressure from the US.

“It’s disgusting. Next time it may be your son. I urge everyone who cares about unfair extradition to write to their MP and insist this disreputable law is changed,” adds Ms. O’Dwyer.



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