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“Rape Crew” Member Nodianos’ Voicemail Hacked, Leaked

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“Bill Waggoner Crew,” has claimed responsibility for the hack and leak of Michael Nodianos’ voicemail. Nodianos is a member of the Big Red high school football team “rape crew,” and has now become known worldwide after Anonymous leaked a video of him that has gone viral, showing Nadianos joking about having raped a girl with other members of the team.

  1. Just listened to the voicemail messages of Mr. Michael “I f*ck dead people” Nodianos…..the last caller is a real class act….is it the sister of Sheriff “Boss Hoggs” Abdalla? Wow….its a fascinating picture of Steubenville emerging. What kind of people who will call such a low-life wanting to support him….love the comment about “Those Anonymous People are crazy”…..Really? Anonymous is crazy? Projection and denial are powerful devices of those that take no accountability for their actions and who are sociopaths….

    • I know right. I watched that whole sick video of Nodianos psycho rant about fucking dead people and going on about how dead she was, that they put a “wang in her ass” and going on about how “she was so dry if you tried to get a drink you’d die!” I mean that is some sick shit! Now these voicemails saying the “anonymous people are sick” and “they are swearing”????Seriously Janice, some swear words offend you but loving and supporting this kid who bragged about an unconscious, possibly drugged 15 yr old getting raped is what? Considered acceptable behavior??? You are a bunch of sick hicks if you’d support a sicko with the ultimate smut mouth laughing and bragging about raping an unconscious girl?? Your town is going down. You got that right, because your all a bunch of ass backwards twisted psychos who put athletes criminal behavior above the safety of young girls like it’s nothing!!! SICK BITCH! I hope that offends your very twisted sensibilities, heaven forbid I swear! But hey you’ll support rapists right!?Sick fuck!

    • That woman is a disgrace to all women. It’s not a case of “boys being boys” it’s about monsters who are dangerous to society. All involved including the sheriff (who lied that the video evidence had been erased) should be under FBI investigation for corruption and tampering with evidence. The victim and we as a society NEED justice. Put those monsters on trial in an ADULT court in a different state where they aren’t considered town “heroes”.

  2. Sadly the video has been removed by youtube, does anyone still have this?
    It sucks that it got removed, this is a crime and freedom of information should let us be able to hear this and see how much of a douche this kid is.

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