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Anti-War Protester Interrupts John Kerry’s Senate Confirmation Hearing

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US Senator John Kerry’s hearing to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State this week was pretty uneventful until this happened.


19-year-old Lachelle Roddy from Tampa, Florida was arrested for her outburst –who urged an end to excessive US financial aid to Israel, drone use and hawkish policies towards the Middle East region. In her first face-to-face interview–she spoke to Press TV to discuss why she interrupted the hearing.

Kerry responded to Roddy’s criticisms and addressed his Congressional colleagues after she was escorted out of the room by Capitol Police. She was later released with a citation.

Roddy, who is relatively new to activism, said she was surprised that Kerry acknowledged her demonstration at the hearing. Kerry is a Vietnam veteran who is most noted for speaking out against that war and other aggressive US military policies –sometimes facing unbeatable odds.

Kerry is expected to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State without much resistance unlike other Obama-backed nominees suggested to fill the top cabinet positions. Roddy says she’s cautiously optimistic about Kerry who seems to have empathy on scaling-down America’s military presence overseas, while assessing concerns of the international community.

Roddy is supported by the group Code Pink a well-known activist group here in Washington, DC. Roddy is currently studying political science and says as far as her activism is concerned, she’s just getting started.

Via PressTV

  1. Why was she arrested for using her free speech right? Good for you Lachelle!

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