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Anonymous: Twitterbomb – #StopCISPA NOW!

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Greetings world. We are Anonymous.

Internet, the time has come for us to unite again. In an effort to kill our online freedoms [again], #CISPA has returned. We also have Raytheon’s bill #RIOT to worry about. Along with that, Obama just signed a cybersecurity executive order with CISPA-like provisions to spy on American citizens and to censor our internet. That is why we need to get #StopCISPA trending ASAP. Spread this message everywhere. Even if you are not Anonymous, you can still help our with this. Just tweet #StopCISPA when you get this message. Keep tweeting and don’t stop until it trends. Congress will see that we are truely legion and we shall not sit idly by while our internet goes up for debate again. We will not be silent.

Tweet to #CISPA Reps @Call_Me_Dutch and @RepMikeRogers and tell them you oppose their bill.

Also, if you live in these states, call your reps and tell them you oppose CISPA


Devin Nunes -(202) 225-2523

Mike Thompson -(202) 225-3311

Adam Schiff -(202) 225-4176


Jeff Miller -(202) 225-4136

Thomas J Rooney -(202) 225-5792


Lynn Westmoreland -(202) 225-5901


Jan Schakowsky -(202) 225-2111

Luis Gutierrez -(202) 225-8203


Mike Pompeo -(202) 225-6216


Dutch Ruppersberger -202-225-3061


Mike Rogers -(202) 225-4872


Michele Bachmann -(202) 225-2331


Joe Heck -(202) 225-3252


Frank LoBiondo -(202) 225-6572


Peter King -202-225-7896


Jim Langevin -(202) 225-2735


Mac Thornberry -(202) 225-3706

Mike Conaway -(202) 225-3605

Together, we can stop this just like we stopped SOPA. Toegther, we are capable of doing so much more. If you’re as in love with the internet as Anonymous is, then you can help us. Get #StopCISPA trending!

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive internet censorship.

We do not forget warantless spying on Americans.

United States Congress, Expect Us.

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Sign Petition Here

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