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#OpIsrael: Hackers of the World Uniting Forces for Massive Cyber Attack on Israel

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Hackers and hacktivists from all around the world are joining forces against Israel on April 7th, 2013 to launch a massive cyber attack on Israeli cyber space with the aim to erase it from the world wide

AnonGhost contacted The Hackers Post and HackRead with details on the new OpIsrael:

”We are uniting against the enemy in a unique way; we urge hackers from all over the world regardless of their color, religion and race to stand with us, support us and attack Israeli cyber space against the Zionist’s occupation of Palestinian land,”

“The hacking teams have decided to unite against Israel as one entity and that Israel should be getting prepared to be “erased” from the internet.

Its not one Hacker, Its not one Team, But Various Hacker, Various Teams from all over the World are participating in this Operation!

Its gonna be the biggest ever operation launched against any country, Its gonna be Huge!”

Hacktivist Groups/Teams Involved in #OpIsrael:

  • AnonGhost
  • Mauritania Hacker Team
  • Ajax Team
  • MLA (Muslim Liberation Army)
  • Moroccan Hackerz
  • Gaza Hacker Team & Gaza Security Team
  • Anonymous Syria
  • ZHC
  • The Hacker Army
  • Devil Zone Team
  • Moroccan Hackers
  • Algerian Hackers

Hacktivists Involved in #OpIsrael:

  • Mauritania Attacker (AnonGhost & Mauritania HaCker Team)
  • HUrr!c4nE (ajax Team)
  • Hitcher (MLA – Muslim Liberation Army)
  • SAW-19, X-Line, V!rus No!r (Moroccan Hackers)
  • Foxy, MR@T0RJAN (Gaza Hacker Team & Gaza Security Team)
  • PLiiiJl (Anonymous Syria)
  • ExDeaTH, Jihad (X-BLACKERZ INC)
  • DzPhoenix (Devil Zone Team)
  • Ouali Bouziad (Algerian Hacker)
  • Saber Dz (Algerian Hacker)
  • Dr.spam (Moroccan Hacker)
  • X-Line (Moroccan Hackers)
  • V!rus No!r (Moroccan Hackers)
  • SAW-19 (Moroccan Hackers)
  • Evil Dz Haxor

The Hackers Post spoke with some hackers participating in the operation:


“Yup we are participating.. Israel isn’t stopping human right violations.Its to show solidarity with newly recognized Palestinian state”

Mauritania Hacker Team:

“Like I did before with Israel , Microsoft & Google Israel, their Banks and 150000 Facebook accounts. this time I’m back after a while and I united various Hackers because we are fighting for the same cause it’s Palestine and we will fight till the end no surrender!”


“I participate to this Op because it’s the duty of any human who believes in Freedom and i think that Moroccan HaCkers are very known from Israel so nothing changed , it is just the hell coming back to Israel.”

Jihad from X-BLACKERZ INC:

“Let’s give them a lesson, they will never forget.”

Hitcher from MLA (Muslim Liberation Army):

“Its an attack on Israel Cyber space from Muslim hackers i always love to hack for the Cause and its chance to proof again my slef as i did in past i am always always love to hack against Israel and from my team side i will took part in it and will spread the message what we want to delivered for me team doesn’t matter cause for hack matter list of few of my big Hack against Israel.”

We have seen, Hitcher hacker has been very active in #opIsrael. He hacked, 570+ sites ,Israel’s Ministry of National InfrastructuresJesus Holyland and other Israeli Sites in support of Palestine.

#OpIsrael was started by Anonymous at the end of 2012 after Israel started intensifying its attacks against Palestine. Within a few hours of the operation launch, close to 100 websites were defaced, and a number of government sites had suffered temporary disruptions because of distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks.

TANGO DOWN – 9000+ Israeli Gov. Websites Attacked Over 44 Million Times in 4 Days

35,000 Israeli Officials’ Personal Info Leaked

Israeli Vice PM’s Social Media Accounts Hacked, Personal Info Leaked

List of Pro-Zionist Websites Hacked by Anonymous

The operation became such a success that Israeli government decided to launch its own Cyber Combat Training Program in order to educate its youth to secure its cyber space.

  1. Hello Wonder Hacker Teams
    I am not this kinda Hacker, and cannot join. I admire your team effort, though.
    Standing up for Palestine and lifting this burden of human suffering from my heart serves me. You are standing up for me. Thank you.
    This is not the first time you are warriors fighting on my behalf. Thank you for standing up for me and our world the times before.
    I am wondering, since we are in a new kind of combat:
    What tells us to stop when we need to?
    When does it end.
    How does it end?
    When this is over and you all disband, in triumph of restored balance what will you do to keep the world safe and will it really be?
    What will keep each of you and each group from becoming a mob?
    Will you use your newfound power to terrorize or bully?
    Can I expect you to serve and protect even after there in no enemy to stand against and “nothing governs” you?
    What is in your heart to govern?
    What are you wondering?
    Perhaps this is after the fact questioning.
    People need your help right now.
    What does peach and what you are fighting for look like?
    What do we agree on?
    What do we do if we don’t agree?
    Just thoughts, because violence begets violence.
    Please, use your superpowers wisely.
    Superheroes, please use discernment.
    Keep up the good work!

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  3. Kiss our israeli assss

  4. Fucking shit.
    You know nothing.
    God is with us so go fuck yourself🙂

  5. HAHAHA stupid people. Israel is the Son of God, no one can hurt Israel. we will see you all in hell while we’re in Heaven.

  6. Israel is ungodly.. No better than the Nazi’s who committed inhuman crimes against the Jews. Now the Jews commit inhuman crimes against Palestinians. It is genocide, apartheid, and God would NEVER condone this injustice on any people.

    • What a distortion. The Israelis are the victims of 70 years of endless Palestinian terrorism. The Palestinians could have had their state in Peel Commission 1933, UN Nov 1947, Feb 1949-May 1967, Camp David 1977-1981, Oslo 1995, Camp David & Taba 2000, Disengagement 2005, Annapolis 2008, Herzlia 2009-2010. But every time it’s rejection, the four no’s, suicide bombs, intifada and an endless stream of thousands of rockets, missiles and mortars from unoccupied Gaza. They have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity and refuse to learn from history. Generations of Palestinian children pay the price of the mad plan to destroy Israel, which only waxes stronger as a result and is now an OECD nation of 8 million people with one of the most technologically advanced and strongest per capita economies in the world. Ask 1.5 million Israeli Arabs which state they prefer to live in.

      • I’m sorry that you don’t see who the true victims here are. Perhaps you should visit and see what is REALLY happening. I am afraid that this is probably what the Blacks in South Africa suffered; government, corporation, and media propaganda.

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