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Judge Issues Media Gag Order in Barrett Brown Case

In Archive, Barrett Brown on September 4, 2013 at 6:59 PM

“This is the world we accept if we continue to avert our eyes. And it promises to get much worse” ~ Barrett Brown


A district court judge in Dallas, Texas, has issued an order prohibiting journalist and activist Barrett Brown and his defense team from discussing the case with the media.

District Court Judge Sam Lindsay’s order applies to Brown and all government and defense attorneys and any “employees, representatives or agents of such attorneys” and is intended to “remain in force during the pendency of these actions or until further order of this court.”

“No person covered by this order shall make any statement to member of any television, radio, newspaper, magazine, internet (including, but not limited to, bloggers), or other media organizations about this case, other than matters of public record, that could interfere with a fair trial or otherwise prejudice Defendant, the Government or the administration of justice except that counsel for the Defendant may consult with Mr. Kevin Gallagher regarding the finances needed for Mr. Barrett Brown’s defense.”

USG Exhibits for Gag Order

USG Argument for Gag Order

Barrett Brown Opposition to USG Gag Order

USG Media Gag Order


  1. […] district court judge Sam Lindsay issued an order unsealing documents and vacating the September 4, 2013 gag order in Barrett Brown’s case. A veil of unnecessary secrecy that loomed over this case has finally […]

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