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Palestinian Activists Smash Hole in Israeli Apartheid Wall as World Marks 25 Years Since Fall of Berlin Wall

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Palestinian activists affiliated with local popular resistance committees in the villages northwest of Jerusalem on Saturday broke open a hole in the separation wall to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“No matter how high walls are built, they will fall. Just as the Berlin Wall fell, the wall in Palestine will fall, along with the occupation,” the popular committees said in a statement.

The activists said that their aim in destroying the wall was also to stress that Jerusalem is an Arab and Palestinian city, and that neither the construction of the separation wall nor Israeli military reinforcement could prevent Palestinians from reaching Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa mosque.

The activists also called upon Palestinians to unite and take part in the battle for Jerusalem, and to defend the al-Aqsa mosque and all Islamic and Christian holy sites.

They also called upon people to be ready to take part in the “intifada” of Jerusalem, which they said would be “the final, fateful intifada to liberate Palestine.”

The Berlin Wall officially fell on Nov. 9, 1989, after having divided the German capital for nearly 30 years.

The Israeli separation wall is in many places more than double as high and nearly six times as long, as it cuts across the West Bank to divide Palestinians from other Palestinians ostensibly in order to ensure Israeli “security.”

Israel began building the separation wall in 2002, and the route has been the target of regular demonstrations by border towns whose land is cut off by its path.

Israel has regularly confiscated large plots of Palestinian land in order to build the wall. When the barrier is complete, 85 percent of it will have been built inside the occupied West Bank.

In 2004 the International Court of Justice ruled that the separation wall was illegal and “tantamount to annexation.”

Critics have called the wall part of a land grab designed to ensure Jewish-only settlements built on occupied territory housing around 550,000 Israelis will become part of Israel de facto despite the lack of a peace agreement, in effect legalizing land confiscation.


palestine-ich bin ein berliner


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The Politics of Distraction: The Anti-Semitic and Pro-Terror Myths

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anti-apartheid-not-anti-semitism islam-not-terrorism


Robert Fantana/CounterPunch:

There is still, in some circles, a tendency to equate opposition to the unspeakable, apartheid practices of Israel with anti-Semitism. Zionists successfully made this illogical comparison for generations, but, while it still surfaces from time to time, it has mainly gone the way of the equally illogical ‘self-hating Jew’ concept, a label slapped on Jews who oppose the Israeli oppression of the Palestinians. Occasionally today, this, too, is heard, but it is rare.

Currently, Muslims, and those who have even a rudimentary understanding of the religion, sometimes fall all over themselves to distance themselves from ISIS and other radical groups that hide behind the mask of religion to perform their atrocities. Fear and loathing of Islam seems rampant in the United States, as many citizens now seem to connect that religion with beheadings.

While education is vital to assist any thinking person with overcoming irrational prejudices and beliefs, there is sometimes too much energy expended in defending oneself from charges of either being anti-Semitic, or sympathetic to Muslim ‘terrorists’. One need not deny being anti-Semitic, if so charged after condemning ongoing Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians. One need not proclaim that they are not a jihadist, if one supports and respects Islam, and questions long-term U.S. policy of nearly indiscriminate bombing of the Middle East. Such charges are distractions from the real issues, which include Israeli apartheid and U.S. terrorism.

This is not the say that ignorance should be ignored; unfortunately, it can be deadly. One example, of countless available, is telling: On September 15, 2001, four days after the attack on the United States, Mr. Balbir Singh Sodhi, a 49-year-old Sikh, was shot and killed outside the gas station that he owned in Mesa, Arizona. When arrested for the crime, Mr. Frank Silva Roque said to the arresting officers: “I’m a patriot and an American. I’m American. I’m a damn American.” Mr. Roque believed that Mr. Sodhi was a Muslim, because he was wearing a turban. At the time of his death, Mr. Sodhi was working with a landscaper, planting flowers around the border of his gas station.

Indeed, those who see everyone wearing a turban, kefeyah or hijab as ‘out to get them’, and a threat to everything they hold dear, need to be educated, and the public needs to be protected from them. But this should not distract anyone from criticizing, and increasing awareness of, atrocities being committed by Israel and the United States.

Today, the world is understandably appalled that beheading is ever done. But the U.S. government, nothing if not hypocritical, has close ties with Saudi Arabia, where beheading as a form of capital punishment is still legal. In just two weeks in August of this year, United Nations observers say that there were 22 executions in Saudi Arabia, with at least eight of those victims beheaded. Yet U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made a state visit to that nation in September.

So the U.S. is selective in whom it criticizes for beheading people. ISIS doesn’t have huge oil resources, so its practice of beheading is an abominable and criminal act that demands international opposition, led by U.S. bombs. In Saudi Arabia, which is rich in oil, well, maybe beheading isn’t such a bad thing after all.

The point here isn’t the crime of beheading; it’s seeing any support of Islam as endorsing violence. It’s the perceived need to defend oneself for saying anything positive about Islam, having Muslim friends, etc. It’s the distraction from real violence, and its source, by artificially creating a need to discuss anything else, anything less important and a discussion of which will not help end violence.

Let us return for a moment to the anti-Semitism charge. No thinking person doubts that the Jewish population experienced horrific victimization during the Nazi regime. Yet past victimization does not excuse current victimizing. Because Jews in Europe had to carry identification cards, use separate streets, live in segregated neighborhoods, etc., does not justify Israel in forcing Palestinians to suffer these same indignities. Because at least 6,000,000 Jews were brutally slaughtered does not somehow excuse Israel for killing thousands of Palestinians every few years by bombing the Gaza Strip, or for destroying their houses, stealing their land, etc. Today’s issues must be addressed, regardless of the history of the current murderous perpetrator.

Israel has no moral reason for its oppression of the Palestinians. The myth that its ‘national security’ is somehow jeopardized or is at risk by a small nation it has occupied for decades is only parroted by the U.S., the United Kingdom and a few other puppet regimes. It is just and right for people the world over, including in Israel, to oppose the horrors being perpetrated on the Palestinians. When they do so, artificial charges of anti-Semitism can and should be ignored.

Islam is not an organization of violence. Whereas some in the U.S. have co-opted the term ‘Christian’ to justify their hatred of the poor, women, homosexuals and others, when Christianity, as taught by Jesus Christ, embraces all people, some Muslims have taken certain passages from scripture out of context to justify their violence. Anyone who supports Islam, has Muslim friends, etc., can condemn acts of violence throughout the world without needing to justify their support or respect for Muslims.

One wonders what it will take for this to happen. At what point will U.S. citizens, seeing a man with a kefeyah around his neck, or a woman wearing a hijab, not run in fear in the opposite direction? When will the mainstream news media recognize that the clothes a person wears do not necessarily signify their religious or political affiliations?

These are difficult questions to answer, especially since a paranoid society is not often eager to surrender its fears; after all, those fears are much of what defines it. But regardless of when that happens, what date far in the future a reasonable level of acceptance of everyone will be offered, current atrocities must be addressed. Nothing, and certainly not spurious accusations, should distract from doing so.

Robert Fantina’s latest book is Empire, Racism and Genocide: A History of US Foreign Policy (Red Pill Press)

Letter & Testimony from Israel’s Elite Intelligence Unit 8200 Members Refusing to Spy on Palestinians

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43 veterans and reservists of one of Israel’s most secretive military intelligence units have signed a public letter on Thursday, refusing to serve in operations involving the occupied Palestinian territories because of the widespread surveillance of innocent residents.

The signatories include officers, former instructors and senior NCOs from the country’s equivalent of America’s NSA or Britain’s GCHQ, known as Unit 8200 – or in Hebrew as Yehida Shmoneh-Matayim.

They allege that the “all-encompassing” intelligence the unit gathers on Palestinians – much of it concerning innocent people – is used to “extort/blackmail” people into becoming collaborators, for “political persecution,” and to create divisions in Palestinian society.

The largest intelligence unit in the Israeli military, Unit 8200 intercepts electronic communications including email, phone calls and social media in addition to targeting military and diplomatic traffic.

The signatories say, however, that a large part of their work was unrelated to Israel’s security or defense, and appeared designed to perpetuate the occupation by “infiltrating” and “controlling” all aspects of Palestinian life.

Accompanying the letter – published in the Israeli media on Friday, and organized several months before the recent Gaza war – are a series of testimonies provided by the signatories.

More: Intel Troops: Why We Won’t Serve in Occupied Territory – Ynet

The commanders of Unit 8200 are expected to dishonorably discharge the 43 reservists who signed the letter, Channel 10 reported on Friday.

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Israeli Airstrike Collapses 12-Story Apartment Tower in Gaza City

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Israel bombed an apartment tower in downtown Gaza City on Saturday, collapsing the 12-story building in an unprecedented strike, while Hamas kept up heavy rocket fire that sent more Israelis fleeing border areas close to Gaza.

In the Gaza City strike, a huge fireball followed by a black column of smoke rose into the sky after two Israeli missiles toppled the Zafer Tower, one in a group of several high-rises in the upscale Tel al-Hawa neighborhood. Neighboring buildings shook from the blasts.

The Israeli military said the missiles targeted a Hamas operations room in the building, but did not explain why the entire tower with 44 apartments was brought down.

Gaza police said a warning missile had been fired five minutes earlier and that some residents were able to rush out of the building in time. Still, 22 people were wounded, including 11 children and five women, according to Gaza hospital officials.

Maher Abu Sedo, an area resident, said the two strikes came within seconds of each other.

“People started shouting Allahu Akbar, and women and kids were screaming,” he said. “This is crazy. The state of Israel has resorted to madness. In less than a minute, 44 families have become displaced … They lost everything, their house, their money, their memories and their security.”

Over 460,000 Palestinians, 1/4 of the total population, are internally displaced, according to UNRWA. However, Saturday’s strike marked the first time an entire apartment high-rise was destroyed.


Scrubbed Op-Ed “When Genocide is Permissible” Published in Times of Israel

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Times of Israel Staff:

The Times of Israel on Friday removed an unacceptable blog post, entitled “When genocide is permissible.

This blog post, which was described by our Ops & Blogs editor as both damnable and ignorant, blatantly breached The Times of Israel’s editorial guidelines.

We have discontinued the writer’s blog.

The Times of Israel maintains an open blog platform: Once we have accepted bloggers, we allow them to post their own items. This trust has rarely been abused. We are angry and appalled that it was in this case, and will take steps to prevent a recurrence.

We will not countenance blog posts that incite to violence or criminal acts.

After news of the article spread online, the author Yochanan Gordon did not back down, continuing to defend himself on Twitter. He has now deleted his account (Facebook still active here), but not before some of his arguments were saved via screenshots:


Apology from Yochanan Gordon:

I never intended to call to harm any people although my words may have conveyed that message.

I wish to express deep regret and beg forgiveness for an article I authored which was posted on, Times of Israel and was tweeted and shared the world over.

I never intended to call to harm any people although my words may have conveyed that message.

With that said I pray and hope for a quick peaceful end to the hostilities and that all people learn to coexist with each other in creating a better world for us all.

Yochanan Gordon


Daniel Wright/FDL:

The Times of Israel later ran another post that echoed Gordon’s sentiments by Irwin Blank called “1 Samuel 15:18.” Blank’s post, like Gordon’s, also made a religious reference to justify killing Palestinians saying “G-d had demanded that Saul (or the “prime minister”) enter into battle with the Amalekites (Hamas and its savage partners) and destroy them utterly even if that means to the last child, cow and goat.” The last child, cow and goat huh? Sounds like genocide to me.

Blank offered the following in response to criticism of his piece which is still currently up on the Times of Israel website as of this writing.

I sincerely regret causing anyone to think that I am advocating genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza-absolutely not. I only mean to say that the threat posed by Hamas must be eradicated and any civilian casualties, are a human tragedy, No one is as hopeful for a true peace agreement between Israel and all her neighbors as I am.

To those whom I have offended, I apologize for your discomfiture and I meant nothing of what some of you have construed. My point is that to truly promote peace it is necessary to defend against terror and, as in any conflict of arms, innocent people do suffer on both sides. I too, wish to see a free and prosperous Gaza, as it was before Hamas gained control of that territory. but first, we must free Gaza from Hamas and free the citizens of Israel from rockets falling on our cities.

The convoluted explanation by Blank leaves little doubt that he and Gordon were rather sincere in the first instance and that wiping out the Palestinians in their entirety is not an unappealing notion.

But the unanswered question is how deep  does this sentiment go within Israeli society? With the far right forces led by Avigdor Lieberman already within Netanyahu’s government how long will it be before the views expressed by Blank and Gordon become official policy?

See Also: Israeli official calls for concentration camps in Gaza and ‘the conquest of the entire Gaza Strip, and annihilation of all fighting forces and their supporters’

Translation via France24:

Tibi… Ahmed Tibi…
I want you to know
That the next children to get hit is yours!
I hate Tibi
I hate Tibi the terrorist
Tibi is dead! (x3)

Tibi is a terrorist (x3)
Take away his citizenship (x3)
Olé, olé, olé olé olé
There’s no school tomorrow
There are no children left in Gaza
Olé, olé, olé olé olé

Who’s getting nervous ?
Zoabi, this is the land of Israel
This is Jewish land
I hate you, Zoabi
I hate all Arabs
Oh oh oh oh…
Gaza is a cemetery (x4)

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